Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Single Dads

Matthew July 18, 2018

Hat’s off to the single dad’s in the world who are faced with the task of raising their children on their own. Often holding down a job during the day and then going to take the kids to music lessons or general errands involved in managing a happy, healthy household is tough! So this Father’s Day, if you know any single dads out there who deserve some acknowledgement, don’t be afraid to show it with a gift. In this post, we will take a look at some gift ideas for the single dad’s.

Nintendo Switch

Although he may be a grown man, there is always a kid lurking. Part and parcel of having a great relationship with your children is being able to relate to them at your level. The Nintendo Switch will be hours of fun for him and the children to unwind after a big day and play together. The Switch is Nintendo’s newest console and has fun and challenging games for the whole family.

The International Beer Hamper

This is one for dad to enjoy when he’s got the night off. The International Beer Hamper has a variety of beers from all around the world – a beer tour of the world in one single hamper! It also contains a variety of beer snacks and nibbles to be enjoyed while sipping on the nectar of the gods.

Fishing Rods

It’s an age-old tradition of going fishing with your father at some stage of your life. You may not have caught anything but that’s beside the point. It’s about spending quality time out in the wilderness away from the hustle bustle of work, the day to day grind. A set of fishing rods for the whole family is the ideal gift and offers hours of entertainment. Dad will love it and so will the kids.

The Whiskey and Socks Hamper

This delightful dad’s day hamper has the odd pairing of Johnny Walker black label and socks hampers. But for some reason, we can imagine that it’s every man’s dream to sit around in his boxer shorts and socks sipping fine whiskey! And let’s face it – men don’t have the greatest track record when it comes to wearing socks that are in a respectable condition.

Golf Clubs

A father’s job is a full-time affair but that doesn’t mean he won’t have time to sneak in a cheeky 18 every so often. If that single dad is a keen golf fanatic, he will be ecstatic while unwrapping a new set of clubs, dreaming about hitting the local golf club for a round of eighteen with the boys.

Single parenting is tough a job. There never seems to be enough hours in the day, yet we keep on keeping on and try to raise our children the best we can. We don’t always get it right but we try our best on a daily basis, for the future of our offspring. Sometimes a slight show of appreciation goes a long way. So when it comes to Father’s Day, give a dad who’s doing a great job a gift to show you care.


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