Gourmet Gift Basket Suggestions for Men

Jale August 13, 2015

If you are looking for great gift ideas for men then you may want to consider putting together a gift hamper. It’s a great way to make someone feel really special – yes even men! Many will easily appreciate an assortment of their favorite food items making it a great gift item. If you’ve had it with the usual gifts like gadgets and accessories then gourmet baskets are certainly a welcomed change especially if you know for certain what it is that he likes!

Ideas on gift hampers for your man

Now there are some men who like to cook and this includes a good number of single men who find their time in the kitchen to be a great therapeutic relief after a stressful day at work.  If this fits your guy perfectly, then you may want to get him food baskets with ingredients that they can use in the kitchen. This includes herbs and spices, sauces, gourmet soups, syrups fruits and marinades.

If the guy you’re looking to prepare your food gift baskets for loves food but is not particularly fond of spending any amount of time in the kitchen, a few bottles of wine should do nicely. People who love good food can also often appreciate a good wine but it would be best to double-check on this. Gift hampers for men may include a bottle of red or white wine along with some crackers, cheese and fruits. If you want to go all out, you can add a fair of luxury by throwing in some sparkling champagne along with some premium quality and cheese.

 For guys with a bit of a sweet tooth, you can offer customized gourmet gift baskets with a lot of sugary food items that would make excellent desserts. This includes puddings, coffee syrups, custard cups, cake, chocolates and cheese. If he is particularly fond of chocolates, why not pamper him with a fine selection of chocolate delights – candies, drinks and syrup. You may want to watch all that sugar though with sugar-free chocolate selection in your gourmet baskets.

Now if the gift hampers you are planning to put up is a corporate give-away then coffee items for your gourmet gift baskets would make a good choice. Give your business contact with a collection of different types of coffee along with a great mug and perhaps a French press? Just make sure that the guy actually drinks coffee though.

These are just some great ideas for putting up gourmet gift baskets for men. Perhaps it will help spark even better ideas! Just remember to check on your guy’s favorites on food and drinks along with any food allergies that needs to be considered.

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