Our Clients Love These Corporate Gift Hampers

Matthew July 18, 2018

Gift hampers are the perfect way to celebrate so many occasions in the office. Whether you’ve gained a new client, closed a huge deal, reached settlement day, or an existing client has just gotten married or had a baby, there is constantly something to celebrate! Gift hampers take the guesswork out of choosing an appropriate gift and are a great choice for gifts for both individuals and teams, depending on who you’ve been working with.

Clients are sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness and will keep you at the forefront of their minds when a new project or need arises. Here we’ll share our top picks for corporate gift hampers to celebrate special milestones with your clients.

1. Wine and Cheese

There’s no better way to say “thank you” than with wine and cheese! If you’ve just closed a deal with a new client or just completed another great project with an existing client, a bottle of red and a wheel of brie is the perfect way to show your gratitude and celebrate. This Cheese and Wine Gift Basket includes a bottle of Two Churches Cabernet Sauvignon, mixed olives and roasted peppers antipasto, onion and balsamic relish, wasabi peanuts, vine-dried muscatels, quince paste, gourmet crackers with sesame seeds, crisp bread, and a wheel of brie.

2. Settlement Day

If you’ve been working with clients hunting for a property for months and the day has finally come to hand over the keys to their new place, everyone is probably breathing a sigh of relief! A gift hamper is a perfect way to show appreciation for the time you’ve spent working together and offer your congratulations. This Heavenly Home Hamper includes a bottle of Shiraz, an aromatherapy oil diffuser, Toby’s Estate Coffee Woolloomooloo Blend, kalamata and roasted garlic tapendage, lemon garlic dill dressing, fireball chilli mustard, and raw macadamia crunch honey.

3. Team Gifts

Sometimes it takes a whole team or even an entire office to make a deal or project happen. If you’ve got many people to show your thanks to, send a gift basket that can turn a regular afternoon into a mini celebration in your client’s office. For drinks, this Office Party gift hamper boasts a bottle of Shiraz, a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, and three varieties of ale. As for snacks, the basket includes mixed olives and roasted peppers, salted pistachios, smoked almonds, wasabi peanuts, and deluxe potato chips. They’ll have you to thank for a memorable afternoon in the office!

4. Life’s Special Moments

Keeping clients on board is all about your relationships with them, and that means sending gifts for life events as well as work milestones. If your client has just received a promotion or particular distinction, has gotten married, or has a new baby, it’s important to send along a gift to let them know you care. The Cheers gift hamper is the perfect way to let your clients know that you’re celebrating their milestones right alongside them. It includes a bottle of Domaine Chandon Brut Sparkling, raspberry and white chocolate melting moments, an assortment of milk and dark chocolates, and raspberry and pistachio white chocolate bark.

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