Corporate gifts can be a great way to boost employee morale and customer loyalty. Make a lasting impression
among colleagues and clients with a gift hamper.

Gifting should be considered an essential part of any relationship you have with others – we’re not talking just
family, friends and loved ones, but also for your business relationships such as with clients, suppliers and vendors.


The importance of corporate gifting

Corporate gift giving is the best way to show your gratitude and appreciation for those involved with your business, and can be a very important aspect of the successful running of your organisation.

Employees, clients, customers, and company stakeholders are all part of the running of a business, but that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy being acknowledged and appreciated. Sending them a special gift serves to boost morale, and is a small yet thoughtful gesture that can have a lasting effect.

Within the business environment, gift giving can be used to communicate a simple ‘thank you’ for a job well done, as a way of acknowledging new or loyal customers, and to strengthen bonds between managers, employees, distributors and suppliers.

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Does corporate gifting work?

Giving gifts to clients and co-workers has widely been used in businesses no matter the industry. And, in a sense, corporate gift giving is not only an important relationship-building tool, but also an important marketing tool. It is a way to build your brand in a positive way, having a direct impact on brand awareness and value.

Here are just some of the ways corporate gifting can work for your business:

Strengthens relationships

Corporate gift giving can help to strengthen relationships between business colleagues as well as customers and clients. Since giving a gift is highly personalised, it can make those receiving feel valued and more likely to perform even better in their role or to continue a business partnership. Research has shown that corporate gift giving could be associated with higher brand recognition rates and a higher likeliness for repeat business.

Builds a stronger brand

Corporate gifting can have a direct impact on brand awareness and value. Such personalised touches as giving a gift that is customised to your company branding can help your business and brand to stand out and make a strong impression on customers, clients, and business partners.
Since your brand’s reputation and brand really only exists in the minds of your customers, showing appreciation and professionalism through gift giving can bolster your brand and make you stand out among other businesses.

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Welcomes new customers

Corporate gift giving can be especially useful as a tool to welcome new clients and customers. Even a small basket of chocolates or a bottle of wine can help make the right first impression. Gifting helps to build trust early in the customer relationship and is an opportunity to connect and deepen your bond with new customers.

Encourages repeat business & referrals

Gifting your loyal customers can lead to more referrals as well as repeat clients. The happier your clients, the more likely they are to keep coming back to do business - and refer their friends and family members! Repeat customers and referrals act as proactive brand advocates, who help your business establish a high reputation as well as one that cares for its customers.


How to choose the right gift?

Corporate gifting is a highly personalised way to show your colleagues and customers that you care, but how do you choose the right gift? For example, you wouldn’t want to gift a co-worker with coffee products if they're a tea drinker, and you might not want to choose the wrong item for a new customer or client that you’ve just met.

However, one of the best ways to choose the right gift is to select a corporate gift hamper. These hampers can be personalised and individualised to suit the recipient and occasion, and they also take the guesswork out of choosing an appropriate gift.


In surveys of our Corporate Customers, 100% of respondents reported that sending gifts had made a positive impact on their business, and that they will continue to gift for at least 2 years or more.

Corporate gift hampers take the risk out of gift giving by providing an assortment of goodies suited for a number of tastes and interests. They serve as the perfect gift because they can be made up to represent your business, incorporating high-end products or professional branded trinkets to form a striking impression.

Gift hampers can also be used to celebrate specific holidays and occasions such as Christmas and Easter.

Keeping clients on board with your brand means celebrating important milestones with them, which can be done by sending a special hamper to celebrate a promotion or the arrival of a baby. For example, the Cheers Gift Hamper is a perfect way of showing that you’re celebrating your clients milestone along with them. If you want to say “thank you” to a repeat customer or high-performing colleague, show your gratitude with a Cheese and Wine Gift Basket.

While preparing and gifting a hamper is a rewarding gesture, you still need to make sure it is done tastefully and professionally. Before giving the gift of a corporate gift hamper, try to avoid these common mistakes:

Picking a hamper without any forethought.

While giving the gift is thoughtful in itself, if it isn’t personalised to suit your clients or customers tastes it can very easily come off looking like an afterthought. Try to choose a hamper that suits the person receiving it and include items that will be useful to them.

Forgetting to include your name or a personal message.

Make sure the recipient can identify you so they can personally thank you. Personalizing your gift with your name and a note also shows more thought and can establish an even deeper bond. It’s always nice to feel as if you are being thought of specifically, so always include a little note to show you care.

Giving a gift without any occasion.

Giving a gift without any occasion can come off looking like a bribe. Make sure that there is a special occasion or reason to gift in order to mark the moment and express gratitude or your personal congratulations.

Choosing a low quality gift.

When choosing a corporate gift hamper, it doesn’t mean you have to blow the budget to impress. However, it’s recommended you don’t choose a low quality product either. You want to be remembered by your client or colleague as someone who values them enough to gift them with something more special than a low-cost present.


of corporate gift recipients say the gifts make them feel appreciated.

Source: Knack Gifts


Corporate gift occasions

In the corporate sector, corporate gift hampers have been used to provide a unique way of celebrating special occasions and milestones with clients and colleagues.

For a full list of corporate gifting occasions, download our eBook.


Some of the most popular gifting occasions and holidays to mark with a corporate gift include the following:


When a personal message is included with a gift, 28% of employees more likely to want to work longer with the gift giver.

Source: Knack Gifts


Should your corporate gift be branded?

Corporate gifts are a great way to draw attention to your business and adding your own company branding can further enhance and promote it. Since branded corporate gifts are a cost-effective way of advertising, it can be a great sales marketing strategy to include in your business plan. By giving branded personalized gifts to clients and colleagues, you’re not only forging stronger relationships but also getting your brand name out there. Branded corporate gifts can range from anything to pens, notepads, water bottles, and even clothing apparel.

Gourmet Basket offers Australia’s largest gourmet gift range and branded gifts, including:

Personalised ribbons

Gift bags and boxes

Gift cards

Promotional items

With each of these personalised items stylishly presented with our corporate gift hampers upon request. Sending branded corporate gifts is a proven strategy to secure repeat business and customer referrals, with a BMA study proving that 79% of customers are more likely to do business with the same company after receiving a gift.

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The process for corporate gifting

Selecting and choosing a recipient for your corporate gift requires a bit of forethought. Here are some steps to help you through the process of corporate gifting:

Consider your recipient

In order to make a gift memorable and genuine, consider the recipient who the gift will be going to. Is it a new or long-term client? A co-worker or manager?
The recipient will determine the type of gift you should give. If it’s a new client, for example, you may wish to welcome them with a small gift bag of gourmet chocolates or cheese & crackers with a branded promotional item and personalised welcome message. For a ‘higher-up’, such as a manager or business owner, consider a luxurious corporate hamper with carefully selected treats.


of business gift recipients experienced negative feelings because they felt the gift giver didn't put much thought into the gift.

Source: Knack Gifts

Research our products to find the perfect gift

Browse through our corporate gift hampers and filter your search by price or occasion to find the best hamper for your staff or clients.

Register for a corporate account

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I've been using Gourmet Basket for some time now and I've found their products are high quality & the customer service is outstanding! Delicious hampers – I wish someone would send one to me :)

Melia, Product Review

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