Some Savoury Gift Selections

Matthew July 18, 2018

Gift baskets are great! They are a nice simple way of saying thank you and the variety available ensures that no-one misses out on getting some of their favourite items. Whether it’s for friends or family to say thanks for helping out in times of need or showing a staff member that you appreciate their time, dedication and effort. In this post, you will find out about our most delicious gift baskets featuring some of the finest savoury treats from home and abroad.

Premium Cheese and Wine Hamper

Premium cheese and wine Hamperis filled to the brim with everything you need for afternoon nibbles and drinks while the sun goes down behind the horizon. It contains three different types of cheeses and other delicious treats to fill the platter. The cheeses have been specifically selected to pair perfectly with the wine. A sure winner with the savoury loving cheese and wine fiend.

Shiraz and Savoury

The Shiraz and Savoury basket has a bottle of Two Churches Cabernet Sauvignon and some antipasto favourites such as olives and balsamic relish. The salted pistachios are the perfect complimentary snack as well as some Bayliss Gourmet Crackers, all finely presented in one of our beautiful baskets and wrapped up in a ribbon.

Picnic Baskets

We have a range of picnic baskets available that cater for two or four people. It’s the ideal hamper to take to the park and contains everything necessary for a lovely evening in your favourite park. The hamper comes complete with cutlery, plates and a stack of treats to eat. A bottle of Villa Maria Sav Blanc, peanuts, gourmet crackers and much, much more.

Our Boxed Treats Hamper

The Boxed Treats Hamper is an absolute savoury snacker’s delight and features Port Wilunga salted pistachios, caramelised onion and balsamic relish, Bayliss delicious gourmet crackers with sesame seeds, Maggie Beers famous quince paste and we’ve even thrown in a few delicious desserts that the savoury cravers will have trouble turning down.

The Truffle Gift Pack

Truffles are a fungus found underground. In France, they use pigs, who sniff them out from beneath the forest floor. Truffles are considered a delicacy in most parts of the world, including Australia. The earthy flavour really seems to resonate with people and it has a strong umami flavour. The truffle gift pack has truffle-infused oils and sauces that will be a welcome addition to the pantry.

The Australian BBQ King Hamper

The quintessential Aussie BQQ is something we all love and something that we all pine for during the winter period. This hamper is the complete accompaniment to any Australian BQQ and contains all the drinks and nibbles that are needed to get your BBQ started off the right way.

So when it comes time to show someone how much you appreciate them for standing by you in business or in life check out our website and our fine selection of gifts baskets. We have hampers to suit every occasion, filled with premium quality products delivered to that special someone’s door. Take the guesswork out of gift buying. Our hampers have all the right ingredients and will be surely welcomed by the worthy recipient.


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