Great Activities to Enjoy with Dad

Jale August 13, 2015

Father’s Day is a great time to really show dad just how much you appreciate him and all he does for you. But if you’re still unsure of how to spend the day with dear old dad never fear! We’ve got some great suggestions for activities you can both enjoy together. So after you’ve given him his Father’s Day gift basket, why not try some of these fun activities on for size:

Even if it isn’t Father’s Day it is important to show him you care!


There’s nothing like taking dad out on a boat and going fishing, just the two of you. Just you, dad and the open water. If he has a special spot he likes to go, take him there. If you’ve never gone before, go somewhere close by. Better still, you can cook up your catch for father’s day dinner!

Wine tasting

If your dad’s a bit of a wine lover, why not go to a wine tasting course together. It’s a great way to spend a few hours together learning a new skill and sampling some delicious wines. Just make sure you follow it up with a nice long lunch so mum doesn’t get a shock when you both stumble through the door after the wine tasting.

A day trip

Does your dad love a good long drive? Why not pack some sandwiches and a few beers and go for a drive together into the country. Stop by a river and enjoy some lunch before driving further up the coast until you hit a national park. Take dad for a bush walk to discover some of our countries best views.

A BBQ with the whole family

Why not get the whole family over for a father’s day BBQ? Cook up dad’s favourite meat (and let him cook if he’s king of the grill) and enjoy spending time with everyone together.

A day at the beach

If your dad loves the surf, why not spend the day with the whole family at the beach. Nothing says fathers day like sharing fish and chips on the sand on a warm spring day.

Action Dads Will Love…

If the thought of your dad in his budgie smuglers isn’t too appealing, and you can’t really see him tasting wine, then why not take him for an advetorous activity like paintball? Battle it out together against other teams and wear dad out over harsh terraine. If sports are dads thing but you aren’t too sure about paintball, why not buy him a ride in a racing car? He’ll thoroughly enjoy himself guaranteed!

With all of the fathers day gift baskets, skin products and other gift ideas to choose from it can be hard to decide on what to buy dad for his fathers day gift. But one things for sure. There is bound to be something on the above list that is just the thing for entertaining your dad this fathers day.

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