Food Gift Baskets — A Little Indulgence is Good for the Soul

Jale August 13, 2015

The way to a person’s heart is definitely through their stomach, which is why a gourmet gift basket always makes such a brilliant present. As we get older in a world where instant gratification reigns supreme and people accumulate more and more stuff, the gift of delicious food and wine is something that never grows old. Here are just a few reasons why you should buy a food git basket as your next gift:

People don’t buy gourmet foods for themselves…

While people may rush out to buy the next iPhone or latest style trends, generally food is something people purchase in habitual patterns, and rarely do they purchase truly gourmet or specialty items for themselves. This makes gourmet food the best gift option, as it really is a treat. Boutique jams, rare cheeses and unusual flavour combinations are all things we usually reserve for ‘special occasions’, so why not spoil your loved one with a feast the next time one rolls around?

Good food makes us happy

Studies have shown that eating foods we find delicious releases dopamine in our brains–the same chemical that’s released when we’re in love! This means that your gift of delicious treats will actually be two gifts in one–the food–and the happiness it creates! Bargain!

There’s something in it for everyone

One of the greatest thing about a food basket is that there’s bound to be something in there to tickle everybody’s fancy, no matter what their personal tastes. This makes the food basket an idea gift for families and groups, as (unlike, say, a guitar or a scarf) they are able to share it and all benefit equally from your generosity.

Food baskets are appropriate for most gift situations

The giving of fine food as a gift has been a tradition for thousands of years, and this is due in part to its versatility. Whether you’re congratulating someone on graduating, condoling someone after the loss of a loved on or showing your thanks or appreciation, there’s not many situations in which a gourmet food basket won’t be an appropriate gift. (Perhaps, though, if the congratulations in order are for someone reaching their goal weight after a diet…well, use your discretion!!)

There’s a wide range to choose from

From make-your own hampers to corporate gift baskets , there is no limit to the variation you can achieve with this type of gift. There are food gift baskets for every budget, occasion, taste and region, and once you start giving them as gifts they’ll quickly become your favourite way to show you care…and you may decide to keep one for yourself!

Sweet or savoury, big or small, the next time you have to give a gift (and with Christmas just around the corner I can’t think of a better time to start), consider giving a gourmet food gift basket. The thanks you get will convince you it’s the way to go!

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