Gourmet Food Hamper Ideas

Jale August 13, 2015

If you’ve ever faced trouble trying to decide on the perfect gift for someone, it helps to know that there is one gift that everyone loves – food! A gift hamper with an assortment of gourmet foods is the perfect solution for almost any gifting requirement, whether it’s for the holidays, a birthday or even as a thank-you to a special friend.

The reason that these collections of delectable delights are such a popular choice for gifts is that no matter the occasion, most people consider gourmet foods an extravagance. They are not likely to go out and purchase expensive chocolates or caviar for themselves, at least, not very often. So, if someone presents a selection of the finest foods for them to indulge in, it’s definitely appreciated!

How to Pick Gourmet Food Hampers for Every Occasion

There’s a huge variety of gourmet food that you can select from, so these tips can help you make the right selection:

  • Understand Preferences – It’s a good idea to understand the personal preferences of the gift recipient, especially what they can’t eat. For example, a vegetarian or vegan is not likely to have much use for a basket of meats, no matter how fine they are. Similarly, a wine-and-cheese selection is not the best choice for someone who is lactose intolerant. Still, there are a lot of choices that are appropriate for just about everyone, like chocolate or fine wine.
  • Pick a Theme – A number of companies offer gourmet food hampers and baskets that are based on a theme. The foods packed in it are either colour-co-ordinated or related to match. Some examples include a Valentine’s Day hamper with pink or red wrapped candy and chocolate, Easter baskets with chocolate bunnies and coloured eggs. A theme could also be based on a country or region that specializes in gourmet delights, like France or Italy, with a hamper containing a selection of breads, meats, cheeses or herbs that these regions are famous for.
  • Try and Be Unique – Especially over the holidays, people are likely to receive a lot of gift hampers from friends and relatives. To make your food hamper stand out, think of interesting alternatives to the standard wine, cheese and chocolate baskets. Try picking hampers with unusual condiments like preserves and sauces, especially since these can be kept longer than most other foods.

A selection of fine cooking oils or speciality grains and herbs are perfect for someone who loves to cook and shows that you put some thought into picking a gift for them. Remember, when picking your gift baskets, that you decorate it well too. You can pull it all together by shopping online. Buying gourmet food online will help you with everything you need!

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