10 Great Gourmet Foods For Gifts

Jale August 13, 2015

If you want to give a gift that is guaranteed to go over well, your best bet is to give something edible and tasty. Giving the gift of food is always a great idea and if you give items that are a little more gourmet, they are sure to be appreciated and hopefully shared!


Cheese is one of those things where the more you pay the better quality you get, so giving gourmet cheese as its own gift or as part of a gift basket, is a great way to be providing a treat that your friend probably can’t afford to buy every day. It’s a good idea to try and find out what kind of cheeses your recipient likes, as some flavours can be acquired tastes and you will want to make sure you get a type your special someone will enjoy.


Almost everyone likes chocolate, so for a great addition to Christmas gift baskets or any kind of gourmet food hamper, some nice quality chocolate is a classy touch.


There is no gourmet food quite as sought after as good olives, and if you want to create your own little gourmet basket, having olives and cheese is a must. Don’t buy them from big box stores, go to your local Greek or Middle Eastern grocery store and get some high quality olives instead.

Baked Goods

If you are short on cash but want to give a great gift to someone, bust out your recipe books and start baking! There are lots of great tasting baked goods that are quite easy to make, so try making your own delicious gifts. If they don’t work out you can always drop by your local gourmet shop or bakery and buy something.


A favourite gourmet food for lots of more elderly people is a good quality jam or chutney. There is definitely a bit of an art to a good preserve, so if you haven’t mastered it yet maybe pick one up from a local granny or farmer’s market.


Gourmet nuts like cashews and macadamias make great gifts, as they are often foods that are hard to justify paying lots of money for. You can even add a personal touch and dip the nuts in chocolate to create a decadent treat.


One gourmet food that almost anyone would love to be given is baklava. There are a few different types and they are all sweet, delicious and guaranteed to be appreciated. If your friend is allergic to nuts its better to get something else as there are almost always nuts in baklava.

Fresh Fruit

Giving a gift basket of fresh organic fruit is a great way to give something that is colourful and healthy, and is also a good way to introduce someone to a new fruit. Include some more unusual fruits like dragon fruit or passion fruit and your friend can have fun enjoying some new tastes and flavours.


If you are a bit of a talent in the kitchen and have a few good sauces up your sleeve, a great gourmet gift is to cook up a bit batch of a special sauce and bottle it for a gift. Add a fancy personal label for a very classy touch.


It isn’t cheap to have all the best oils to cook with, so if you know a friend is short on their supplies, or only has lower quality oil, pick them up a nice bottle of olive oil or sesame oil.

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