What is Appropriate for a Corporate Promotional Gift?

Gourmet Basket September 17, 2019

Choosing a gift for your clients can be challenging, requiring particular care to not select a promotional gift that is inappropriate. Corporate promotional gifts give clients the reminder that you care, and leaves them with a lasting impression of your business. Therefore, selecting the right promotional gift is important, and is another marketing element your company can utilise in its structured business plan. Read on to find out how to choose an appropriate corporate promotional gift to keep your reputation intact and to attract more customers in an acceptable way. 

Consider who is receiving the gift

Who is the gift for? If you’re thinking about giving a promotional gift, chances are you have a client or customer in mind as the recipient. If this is the case, you need to then determine the level of professionalism you need to display. If it’s a loyal, long-term customer, then promotional gifts can be given annually during the holiday season. For a new client, the intention is to create a warm, welcoming impression so that they feel valued and know that they have chosen the right company. In both situations, it’s wise to choose a gift that is of a quality standard and isn’t too gimmicky. There is a fine line where generosity can also come across as a bribe, leaving a company vulnerable to accusations of being unethical or untrustworthy. 

What are your company’s gift-giving policy and budget?

Some companies have strict gift-giving policies that can restrict what gifts – if any – are given to clients and employees. Before gifting a client, always check with your HR department or client. You should also consider your budget. This can be difficult, since too lavish a gift can go against company policy, as well as eat into your company’s set budget. On the other hand, choosing a low-cost gift can be seen as ‘cheap’ and like you haven’t given the client much thought. It’s always best to choose a corporate gift with high-quality items. A promotional gift should showcase your business in the best light, and contain high-quality items and personal touches to create a lasting impression. Having said that, you don’t have to break the budget for a high-quality promotional gift. Gift baskets are an eclectic corporate gifting option that can be tailored to impress. Select a range of quality products in the one corporate gift to satisfy a diverse range of taste and preference. 

When is the right time to give a promotional gift?

If you’ve never gifted a promotional gift to clients before, you may not have client/employee gifting in your marked budget. If that’s the case, the best time to secure this unmarked budget is in the latter part of the year, during the holiday season. You can make a great impact on clients and potential clients with a holiday gifting campaign, even if you’re on a low budget. Some companies make the mistake of gifting without any occasion. No matter how much you want to show your appreciation or generosity, it should always be at the right occasion. That said, there’s no issue with gifting promotional gifts to celebrate or commemorate a new business relationship or anniversary. 

What is the purpose of corporate gift giving?

Corporate gift giving is a creative way to leave new and loyal clients with a good impression of your business. It’s a way you can show your appreciation and how much you value your working relationship. Since your clients and business partners have worked with you or have used your services regularly, it’s a good idea to return the favour by showing how grateful you are for their continued support. Corporate promotional gifts are also a great marketing tool. It helps open new doors and attract new clients. Businesses are increasingly turning to Account-Based Marketing techniques to improve engagement rates by tailoring their messages to the clients or stakeholders they target. A corporate promotional gift is a more approachable way of welcoming or thanking new clients, with the potential of showcasing your brand to boost referrals. 

Wrapping up your corporate gifts

A corporate promotional gift can be a fantastic way to promote your business and your services, as well as to show clients your appreciation. Choosing an appropriate gift comes down to budget, the recipient, correct timing and the purpose of your gift. There’s a fine line between a promotional gift being too ‘gimmicky’ or too pretentious, which can backfire if your goal is to impress and leave a good impression on customers. Stick to holiday occasions and high-quality gifts, and always remember to allocate gift giving as part of your business strategy.

Unique corporate promotional gifts

Giving a gourmet gift basket as your next corporate gift can help you to leave a lasting impression on clients. Express gratitude and attract potential customers by personalising your gift with a note and promotional branding this holiday season. 

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