The Best Foodie Corporate Gift Ideas

Gourmet Basket July 30, 2019

Finding the right corporate gift for colleagues, managers, clients or business partners can be a challenge. While a gift should be and feel personalised, you also want to make sure that there’s still some formality to it.

As business relationships are professional and you don’t necessarily know your colleagues on a personal level, you need to find a gift that strikes the perfect balance. One of the easiest and most impressionable corporate gifts to give includes something that all people can appreciate – food!

Why gourmet gift hampers are the best corporate gift

Gifting a food basket or hamper is a great way to build client relationships and impress colleagues. These types of gift baskets are usually the best type of corporate gift, since they offer a range of quality produce including wine, cheese, sweet and savoury items, and they can be personalised or customised to suit the recipient.

But… giving packages with cheap, common or low quality ingredients will backfire! They will seem tacky, unthoughtful, and will reflect badly on the relationship. So it’s important to offer high quality, unusual and artisan items to ensure you impress.

Some of the best food corporate gifts are hampers that include:

Wine or craft beer

Wine and beer make for a classic corporate gift, providing a ‘safe’ option for most. A top-quality bottle of red wine or local/international craft beers can be a fantastic gift, especially to celebrate an employee’s promotion or a new business deal. The International Beers Hamper can be gifted to celebrate a new business venture or merger, or as an office gift for exceptional teamwork.

Cookies and artisan chocolates

There aren’t too many people who would turn down a sweet treat! Because of this, sweet food gift hampers are a popular choice of corporate gift. With a selection of Australian-made treats, decadent chocolate, and cookies that look too good to eat, the Death by Chocolate hamper is sure to excite and delight any gift recipient.

Specialist Cheese and hand made crackers

Savoury items like cheese and crackers are always a perfect food gift. Gourmet crackers, artisanal cheeses, chutneys and dried fruits can be matched with a quality shiraz or champagne for a corporate gift that oozes good taste. A Cheese and Wine Gift Basket can be gifted to celebrate a manager’s birthday, as a welcoming gift for new clients, or as a company gift to a new business partner.

Cocktail mixes and premium spirits

Nothing celebrates the end of the year or work Christmas party better than a premium spirits hamper. Match world-class whiskey with selected gourmet nuts, or indulge the office team in an office share hamper like the Party Starter; a gift hamper filled with spirits and mixers to show you care about their efforts.

How to choose a foodie corporate gift

Consider the shelf-life

While food gifts are fantastic, you also have to be mindful that they do contain perishable items. Before gifting a food hamper, consider the shelf-life of the items provided. All ingredients in Gourmet Basket hampers are selected based on a shelf-life of 3-12 months depending on the item. For wine or spirit hampers you can expect a long shelf-life, whereas food gifts containing fresh fruits or pastries will have a shorter shelf-life and will have to be ordered close to the occasion date for maximum freshness.

Consider the occasion

While a food corporate hamper makes an exceptional gift with plenty of options to choose from, you still need to consider the recipient and occasion. For seasonal holidays like Christmas and Easter, it makes sense to choose an occasion hamper to suit. Whereas, if you are celebrating a colleague’s promotion or birthday, you may consider choosing a food gift with a mix of sweet and savoury treats and a bottle of wine or beer.

Consider the level of client-relationship

Knowing your recipient and your work-relationship helps in selecting the right corporate gift. If you know that an employee can’t stand sweet foods, then it makes sense to choose a savoury option. If you’re gifting a client to celebrate a new partnership or to thank them for being a loyal customer, you should choose a Client Thank You Hamper which contains a small selection of artisan treats or a premium quality coffee lover hamper with local coffee blends and a company-branded mug.

Consider any food allergies

Before choosing a food gift hamper, consider if your recipient has any food allergies or requires kosher, halal, vegan or gluten-free hampers. You can customise your gift basket to suit these needs or choose a non-edible gift basket. If you need help selecting a hamper, you can contact our expert corporate gifting team to assist you!

Find the best corporate food gift

Browse our range of corporate food gifts and hampers and find the best corporate gift to give to your colleague, client, or work colleague. Our hampers include gourmet food and wine with top quality ingredients and the choice to add personalisation and even custom branding to leave your recipient with a lasting impression.


Here at Gourmet Basket our vision is simple. We exist to warm people's hearts and make them feel valued and connected. And we think people deserve more of life luxuries. That's why we do what we do. As passionate foodies we know that gourmet food inspires connection. Everyone loves good food - it brings us together. That is why we dedicate ourselves to sourcing the finest, most extraordinary food and wine from Australia's top producers.

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