Impress New Clients With A Welcome Gift Hamper

Real September 13, 2019
Corporate Gift Hampers

A lot of us feel uneasy about gift-giving in the work place. What’s appropriate and what isn’t? How much should you spend? Is it possible to get too personal? After all, buying your boss their favourite perfume or cologne is sure to score points, because you know they’ll love the gift. But … will it be considered too intimate, and could it cause problems with HR?

Shopping for new clients leaves even more opportunities for faux pas. You want to impress them, but you don’t want to set up unrealistic expectations. If you start with a $1,000 welcome gift, you can’t turn around and give them a branded pen next Christmas! But you also don’t want them thinking your gift was generic. They should feel like some thought went into it.

We can help. Here at Gourmet Basket, we have a team of talented gift concierges that can help you put together corporate gift baskets you’ll be proud to slap your brand on. And yes, we do have the option for dedicated branding. We can pack the gift basket in a box with your logo on it, or we can print your client’s logo instead. Let’s look through a few options.

Keep It Cheesy

Ask your new client a few questions to get some idea of their preference. If you’d like to be a bit more subtle, call their offices and get hints from their Personal Assistant. It doesn’t have to be too detailed. Just find out if they prefer alcohol or not, sweets or savouries, cheese or chocolate, roses or carnations. This helps you pick a pre-selected hamper, or assemble your own.

For the cheese-loving client, we recommend our Cheeseboard Celebration hamper. It has shiraz, lavosh, dried fruit, cheese, crispbread, nuts, and quince paste. But the real statement piece is the gourmet cheese board and the French cheese knife. These keepsakes will last far longer than the tasty bits of the basket, so they make a memorable gift.

Sharp and Tangy

Clients who veer towards the malty side of life may prefer our Whisky Hamper. It has a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label (aged for 12 years, as per tradition). The gift basket also carries chilli almonds, crisp bread, quince paste, balsamic relish, sesame seed crackers, fudge, and a mix of roasted olives and peppers. It’s a distinctly savoury gift hamper, with a free gift card.

For the sugar-driven client, opt for something decadent like our Ultimate Sweet Tooth Hamper, or our Boxed Treats. These corporate gift baskets are loaded with chocolatey goodness, from hand-made fudge and melting moments to macadamia nougat and chocolate-coated nuts. The Ultimate Sweet Tooth hamper has far more goodies, and a higher price tag. Its sweet bits and bobs include Zokoko dark chocolate (and some drinking chocolate too), cookies, rocky road, meringues, and licorice. As with all our hampers, there’s a free gift card. To find the perfect present for your new client, call Gourmet Basket today on1300 354 393.


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