Impress Your Mum With a Surprise Gift

Real September 13, 2019
Gift Baskets

You don’t have to wait for Christmas, Mothers’ Day, or birthdays to make your mum feel special. Sometimes, the best presents arrive for no particular reason, and the surprise is part of the appeal. It might be something she mentioned in passing – a new scent she wants to try out, or a replacement for her favourite kitchen gadget. Or it could be something cute and quirky.

Some people prefer practical gifts, while others may want something a little more personal. So while you think your mum may want a blender, she’ll be more impressed with a slice of cake from her favourite bakery, or a pretty knick-knack she can display on the counter and show off to her friends. Let’s look through our selection of gift baskets for mum and see what comes up.

Crown the Queen of Your Heart

With luxurious sachets of tea, a diffuser flower, and dark chocolate, our Fit for a Queen hamper is a firm favourite for tea-loving mummies. The flower diffuser is ideal for display, and the gift basket contains a black and gold mug for maximal bragging rights, whether she’s having coffee at the office or sipping tea as she shares digital photos of the grandkids.

Another suggestion is our Tea and Bubbles hamper. She’ll love the sophistication in her pink-tinged high tea cup, and she can settle for a soak in soothing bath salts while you do her chores.

The tea cup comes in a gorgeous round gift box that she’ll definitely put on display – even if she repurposes it for candy, jewels, pot pourri, or other trinkets. This makes it a good gift choice because she can continue to use it for months or even years. And there’s white chocolate too!

Get Her Thoughts Down

For the mum that loves to write, a few gifts will be treasured more than a journal. Our Reflection Basket includes a beautiful blue journal where she can scribble her most private thoughts. (We recommend buying her a special pen and including it in the package.) It may score more points than our more typical wine gift baskets because it helps her reflect with a clear mind.

Writing down lazy ideas and musings over a glass of wine is great. But when she’s really trying to meditate, soothe her soul, and collect her thoughts, a refreshing glass of coconut water works wonders, so we’ve added a litre to mum’s gift hamper. We’ve also thrown in pistachios, dark chocolate, and a hand-made tote bag we’re sure she’ll treasure forever. When you order your mum a gift from Gourmet Basket, you have the option of a same-day pick-up or next-day delivery, and we can work with you and select the best option. To have the perfect gift sent straight to your mum, call Gourmet Basket today on 1300 120 451.


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