Christmas is one of the biggest festivities of the calendar year, making it the perfect time to show appreciation through gift giving! Christmas gift btaskets are the perfect solution when it comes to choosing the right gift to give to employees, co-workers and clients.

Gourmet gift hampers deliver that extra ‘wow’ factor and are a luxurious and thoughtful way of commending your staff for a great year and thanking clients for their loyal service. With a huge range of gourmet gift hampers to choose from, selecting a Christmas corporate gift is an easy and unique way to spread that holiday cheer in and outside the office.

Why gift baskets make great corporate Christmas gifts

Christmas is a time that brings people together, and a gift helps to convey the message that you really care. In fact, according to the ROI of Business Gifting Report 2019, 89% of CEOs believe that business gifts bring people closer together. Why is this important? Simply put, business success thrives on its staff and customer relations, so keeping clients and staff happy and feeling appreciated increases the likelihood of them staying loyal to your company and contributing toward its growth and reputation. The best way to show appreciation during Christmas time is by opting for a Christmas gift basket. Gift baskets make great Christmas corporate gifts for a few reasons;


of CEOs believe that business gifts bring people closer together.

Gift baskets are practical

Choosing and giving a gift basket is easy and doesn’t require countless hours browsing through a shopping centre in search for ‘the right gift’. Gift baskets contain all types of items, from food and beverages to promotional and practical items. All you have to do is browse, select and send!


There’s a risk of selecting and gifting ‘cheap’ items, which can come off as being thoughtless and may give the recipient the idea that they aren’t valued. While gifting at any occasion is thoughtful and appreciated, it’s always best to choose a gift that’s of high quality and that conveys to your recipient that they are deserving of such a gift. Gourmet Basket gift baskets are luxurious hampers filled with only the finest quality artisan products, with gift wrapping available for an added layer of presentation and attention to detail.


Gift baskets can be suited to any budget and can be as affordable or as expensive as you need them to be, without sacrificing quality. You can set your price range and find the perfect gift basket within your budget, allowing you to find the right gift without putting a huge dent into your business operations.

Gift baskets can be tailored and personalised

In the same ROI Business Study, over half of corporate gift recipients surveyed confessed that they don’t recall their last gift including a personally-addressed note. Lack of personalisation can make the recipient feel like the gift giver didn’t put a lot of thought into their gift, and that they aren’t valued. Gift baskets are a great way of adding personalisation to a gift, since they can be selected with the recipient in mind. They can be filled up with items the recipient likes, and even have a personal message added to show them that you genuinely care.

Tips for selecting Christmas
gift baskets

Selecting the perfect Christmas gift basket for your corporate clients is easy! There are a range of sizes, themes, products and budget options available. The key tip to keep in mind is to select a gift basket that the recipient will appreciate and enjoy. You don’t want to make the mistake of selecting a Christmas gift hamper with wine if your recipient doesn’t drink alcohol, or a hamper filled with sweet treats if they are on a health kick! Here are some useful tips for selecting Christmas corporate gift baskets:

  • Think about how many recipients there are. If you are gifting your staff, for example, you may want to choose a large hamper filled with shareable items such as cookies and cakes for the whole crew to enjoy during tea break. If you are gifting to a client, you can select a smaller gift with practical yet quality items.

  • Fruit baskets can be a great alternative if your recipient is health-conscious or if you work in the health and fitness industry.

  • Selecting a Christmas gift hamper with wine or craft beer is a great way to congratulate an individual for their hard work or celebrating a promotion. It’s also an elegant option to present to managers and company stakeholders.

  • Be mindful of the price spent on gifts. While expensive gifts are thoughtful, they can give the wrong impression if given to the wrong person. Such an exorbitant gift can seem like you are trying too hard or attempting to buy loyalty. On the other hand, selecting a cheap gift can seem like an afterthought.

  • Try to stay away from blatant advertising products during Christmas time, as it can appear impersonal or cold during the holiday season. If you choose to gift a promotional item, keep it tasteful with one or two quality products such as a pen or Christmas-themed mug.

  • If you can’t decide what to give, or you don't know your recipient personally enough, opt for a gourmet hamper with a selection of sweets, savoury items, wines and products.

Who should you send a gift
basket to at Christmas?

Gift-giving during the Christmas season is a great opportunity to cement business relationships. When it comes to who you should send a gift basket to, it all depends on your company’s gift-giving policies and budget. But for most, the following recipients are worth keeping in mind when you are trying to determine who to send a gift to:

Valued clients:

You should send something small to your loyal clients at Christmas time. Gifts help to keep your business at the top of your client's mind and can be a great way of attracting new clients through family and friend referrals. Gifts humanise businesses, and gifting clients is especially beneficial to small businesses since it further strengthens these ties and customer loyalties.


Gifting a colleague or business partner at Christmas helps to show your appreciation and commend them for their hard work hroughout the year. Colleagues can benefit from a gift basket with items they can indulge in and celebrate with, such as a champagne hamper.


40% of recipients surveyed in the ROI Business Gifting Strategy Report reported that receiving a corporate gift made them feel reater loyalty toward the recipient and company, with a desire to work with the company longer. For this reason, gifting employees is an essential way of boosting orkplace satisfaction and increasing roductivity among your staff.


CEOs and executives are often intimidating to gift, with employees finding it difficult to select a gift that is appropriate and that conveys the right message. Gift baskets are a way to take the intimidation and trouble out of gifting management, with a range of corporate hampers filled with elegant, refined products for a tasteful yet thoughtful gift idea.

Christmas Gifts for Clients

Christmas is the perfect time to send your client a warm reminder that you appreciate their business and that you value them. If your company is small and only deals with a select number of clients, this gives you the ability to tailor a gift to suit the individual. For example, if you have met them personally or had a lunch meeting you may have picked up on their favourite choice of wine. You can select a gift basket with their favourite wine as a thoughtful yet inexpensive way to show you care. If you’re a larger firm with a host of customers and clients, you can send a small token of appreciation through gifting a promotional item with a personalised Christmas card.

Example Gift Baskets

Luxury Christmas Hamper

A Luxury Christmas Hamper is the perfect option for a loyal or valued client. Whether it’s an individual or a vendor whose services have helped your business to thrive, show that you appreciate them with a gourmet selection of French bubbly, premium Christmas pudding and a selection of sweet and savoury goodies.

Luxury Christmas Hamper

Champagne Christmas Hamper

What better way to celebrate the end of the business year and the Christmas season than with a Champagne Christmas Hamper?! With French champagne and artisanal food including acadamias and truffle chocolates, this hamper will suit the client who loves to indulge!

Champagne Christmas Hamper

Happy Christmas Hamper

The Happy Christmas Hamper is a gourmet hamper for the client that is hard to buy for! It includes an sortment of Christmas-themed items including Christmas pudding, candy canes, and both sweet and savoury delights.

Happy Christmas Hamper

Christmas Gifts for Employees

Corporate Christmas gifts can be sent to show appreciation to the employees who have worked diligently on behalf of your company. If you’re a boss, CEO or manager, surprising employees at Christmas time with a gift basket can help to increase staff loyalty and to show them that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Depending on your business size and budget, choosing a gift basket for employees can involve selecting a hamper to be shared among workers or gifting each individual employee with their own ersonalised gift.

Example Gift Baskets

Office Share Christmas Hamper

If you’re looking for that perfect premium gift for your employees, look no further than the Office Share Christmas Hamper. Designed to be enjoyed and shared among employees, the hamper is filled with a variety of sweet and savoury treats, wines and Christmas bonbons to celebrate the holiday cheer together.

Office Share Christmas Hamper

Christmas Craft Beer Hamper

The Christmas Craft Beer Hamper is the perfect choice to gift individual staff members during Christmas. The hamper includes a selection of local and international craft beers along with individual sweet and savoury items.

Christmas Craft Beer Hamper

Christmas Gifts for coworkers

It can be a nice gesture to thank coworkers for their help and contribution. For some, our co-workers are among our most loyal friends, while for others, coworkers are seen as mentors guiding us toward a job well done.

Regardless of your relationship, a Christmas gift basket is a friendly act of kindness that can be given individually or on behalf of a group. If you are a group of workers wanting to show your boss how much you appreciate them, you can all chip in for a large hamper filled with their favourite treats and have it delivered to their workplace as a nice way to surprise them at Christmas time.

Example Gift Baskets

Merry & Bright Christmas Hamper

Wish your co-workers a merry and ‘bright’ Christmas with the Merry & Bright Christmas Hamper. The deluxe hamper is filled with asonal favourites including individual Christmas puddings, elting moments and an individual Christmas bonbon to crack open and spread Christmas cheer!

Merry & Bright Christmas Hamper

Christmas Wishes Hamper

If you are gifting more than one co-worker, then the Christmas Wishes Hamper is a perfect choice. The elegant gift for one ncludes a delicious spicy Christmas pudding, fruit mince pies, candy canes and other specialty treats, as well as a Christmas bonbon for that added touch of Christmas cheer.

Christmas Wishes Hamper

Choosing the right corporate
Christmas gift this year

Christmas gift baskets are an elegant and unique way to show appreciation toward corporate clients and staff over the holiday season. Choosing the right gift basket is easy, with a huge selection of product options available to suit any budget. Gift baskets can be personalised and tailored to suit the recipient, eliminating the risk of giving the ‘wrong’ gift or making the wrong impression. With the impact of personal touch significant to a thriving business, gifting over Christmas is a memorable way of creating a lasting impression on those who have contributed to your growing success.

Corporate Christmas Gift Baskets delivered anywhere in Australia

No matter who you are gifting come Christmas time, make a memorable impression with help from Gourmet Basket. Our Christmas gift baskets can be delivered Australia-wide with corporate branding options available with all our gift hampers. Get in touch with our team today to arrange your Christmas Gift Basket orders and make an impression that counts.

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