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Jale February 13, 2020
Easter Gift

Easter is not only a time of worship for those of the Christian faith, but it is also a time for friends and family get-togethers. The Easter holiday comes when you need it the most. It is that long weekend, which brings that much-needed break from a busy and whirlwind-like first quarter of the year. By the time Easter comes calling, you are most probably exhausted by the day-to-day activities of the year.

This holidayis the perfect season to indulge in chocolate as families and friends distribute the beloved Easter eggs in the family favourite egg hunts. Easter, celebrated on the first Sunday following a full moon, usually falls between March 22 and April 25 every year.

While the details of Easter celebrations vary in different parts of the world, the giving of Easter gifts is a universal custom. In countries like Germany, Easter coincides with the onset of spring, making beautifully decorated Easter egg trees or Ostereierbaum a feature of the holiday. In Spain, locals observe the Dansa de la Mort or the ‘Dance of Death” where dancing in bright skeleton costumes is customary. 

For the Aussies, Easter falls in autumn, and family gatherings plus prayer are some aspects of the festivities. It is the perfect time for the Egg knocking game and a time to bake those yummy Hot Cross Buns with chocolate chips or dried fruit. It is also a time that the Easter Bilby, Australia’s answer to the Easter Bunny, takes centre stage.

The Best Easter Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones

The very best of ways to make your Easter weekend memorable is to give great gifts to your family and friends. While it is easy to order and have the gift hampers delivered by trusted gift hamper sources such as Gourmet Basket, you can go the extra mile this year and present your gifts personally to your loved ones.

Meeting your family and friends over the Easter holiday will be a more rewarding experience, as you eat, play, and pray together. It is one of the best ways to celebrate and enjoy the weekend.

The beauty of gifting Easter gift basket is that they are affordable, unique, pleasant, and pleasing to people with various tastes and preferences. You can also browse for that perfect gift idea quickly online and save on time that would have otherwise been spent at physical stores window-shopping.

Many Easter gift Basket Ideas are perfect for work colleagues, friends, or family and have a variety of gift items. Easter gift Hamper ideas can vary in the unique nature of their content. You can order gift hampers that feature products such as;

  • Easter Eggs and Chocolate – The chocolate egg is a must for this seasonal gift hamper. Children primarily do Easter egg hunting for egg collecting fun. History shows that the Easter bunny became a central feature of the Easter holiday in the 17th century as childhood increasingly became recognised as a time of life to be joyous. The custom of an Easter bunny that brings Easter eggs is German in origin, with the rabbit symbolising the advent of spring. 
  • Personal Care and Wellness Products – These hampers are comprised of soap, creams, shampoos, oils, and other items that are used for personal hygiene and body care.
  • Liquor and Wine – If the recipient is someone who loves the finer things in life, such as wine, then this is the perfect Easter gift hamper idea.
  • Gourmet, Snacks, and Baked Goodies – Food, snacks, pastries, and other types of delectable gourmet food products never gets old.

This year’s Easter gift hamper ideas are filled to the brim with chocolates and other luxurious sweet treats. They are beautifully packed in a range of gift baskets and hampers that are sure to delight people of all ages, from kids to grown-ups. You can rest assured that every person that receives your gift hamper this year will deeply appreciate it.

Our Four Most Popular Easter Gift Basket Ideas

Happy Eggster Bunny Bucket

Unlike the pastwhen Easter was solely a religious holiday for adults, a lot of its aspects today are focused on giving kids as much holiday fun as possible. It is customary, therefore, to bring the little ones a gift during Easter. Your child, nephew, niece or grandchild will be looking forward to an Easter treat from you as the larger family gathers for the festivities.

Toys and dresses are great, but these Easter gifts hampers such as the Happy Eggster Bunny Bucket below are simple, affordable and appropriate. You do not want to be that auntie, uncle, or grandparent that will spend hours and a little fortune on an unimpressionable gift item. This gift hamper is beautifully presented in a cute tin bucket filled with tasty chocolate eggs.Youcannot go wrong with the Happy Eggster Bunny Bucket.

Easter Death By Chocolate Hamper

If there is one season of the year that you can go all out and treat yourself or someone you care about with tons of guilt-free, mouth-watering chocolates, it is Easter. The Death by Chocolate Hamper is filled with all sorts of high-quality mouth-watering chocolates.

It has a variety of Zokozoko Goddess Dark Chocolate with Mint, Byron Bay Cookie Company Triple Choc Cookies, and James Road Chocolate Fudge Biscuits. There are also five Chocolatier Mini Easter Eggs and three Chocolatier Hunting Easter Eggs for the young and young at heart.

Family Easter Breakfast

What a treat for the family to wake up to! A delightful gift for everyone to enjoy (that has your traditional hot cross buns) over Easter breakfast. This hamper is presented in a beautiful keepsake basket and wrapped with an Easter-themed ribbon and tissue. It looks just as sweet as it tastes.

Easter Egg-Stravaganza

The name speaks for itself; it is packed with an array of treats and sweets that will please the recipient with this great basket. There is a bottle of Jacob’s Creek Trilogy, Barossa Valley, and tens of chocolate eggs. This hamper is perfect for the wine lover in your life, and you can add on any extras, including the famous Bird in the Hand Pinot Noir.

To ensure that your Easter gift basket ideas do not disappoint you or the people you intend to reward, ensure that your provider is both trusted and experienced. Gourmet Basket has been in the gift hamper business since 1998 and has the most extensive selection of exciting gift hamper to spoil your loved ones and colleagues alike. Easter-themed gift hampers are available now, and there is something to cater to all ages and budgets.

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