Easter Gifts For Her

Jale February 16, 2020

Almost everyone gives out gifts during Christmas, but Easter presents are becoming popular too. It makes sense because, in many parts of the world, Easter marks the onset of spring. It’s a time when everything comes back to life after being blanketed in snow during the winter.

Although modern-day Easter is associated with Christianity and crucifixion, the original Easter festival was partially based on pagan fertility rites. That’s why the symbols of Easter are bunnies and eggs, both signs of virility and new life.

Of course, when you give someone an Easter egg or bunny, it’s unlikely to be feathered or furry. More often, they’re filled sweets and chocolate. None of this is lost on us at Gourmet Basket, so we’ve prepared a multitude of special gift hampers just for you.

A treat for two

Make her Easter special by opening a bottle of champagne to toast your love for her. Tempus Two Easter contains a bottle of Tempus Two packed in a classy black box tied off with a ribbon. Share the bubbly with a crate of chocolate eggs or add a plush bathrobe to her gift basket so she can feel truly pampered. Why not get a matching robe for yourself? In fact, since Easter is a long weekend, you could go off on a trip somewhere, bring the hamper with you, and offer it as an early morning treat with room service or breakfast in bed.

Feed her sweet tooth

If you’d like to surprise her with a gift basket, Brisbane deliveries are available. Sate her sugar cravings with an Easter Sweet Tooth gift hamper. It contains tons of Easter-friendly treats including regular and mini chocolate Easter eggs, Florentines, almond encrusted biscotti, peanut slabs, rolled wafers, chocolate-coated peanuts, vanilla nougat, and various other kinds of assorted chocolate. Everything is bountifully bound in a premium box, and it comes with a gift card so she can get herself a little something extra. With any luck, she might use it to buy something for you!

Round it off with red wine

For a lady that loves her vino, the Easter Red Wine Box is a nice touch. It still has a little bit of chocolate, with 4 chocolate hunting eggs and 15 mini chocolate eggs. But in case her tastes lean towards the savory, the gift box contains salted cashews and black pepper cracker thins. There’s also a box of jam shortbread biscuits and peanut slabs. And, of course, a bottle of two-year-old McGuigan Shiraz. The free gift card will allow her to select an additional present of her preference, just in case.

Bunny in a basket

You may have heard of pigs in a blanket, but this Easter, you can make your mark with a Bunny & a Bucket of Eggs. This gleaming red bucket and adorable stuffed bashful bunny are likely to have a permanent position on her dresser, and they’ll always make her think of you. Of course, it helps that the bucket is filled with almost sixty chocolate eggs…

To find the right Easter gift for your lovely lady, call Gourmet Basket  today on 1300 354 393.

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