A Man’s Gifting Guide: The Best Gift Hampers for Valentine’s Day

Jale February 13, 2020
Chocolate Gift Hampers

Valentine’s day is traditionally a day that men show their love and appreciation for the love of their lives. Many men work extremely hard to portray what they believe is the perfect show of romance. Unfortunately, a large percentage often find themselves blowing this opportunity by either giving an inappropriate gift, being too busy to shop for an excellent gift, or merely doing too little, too late on the big day.

The truth is, February 14 conjures unpleasant images for a large part of the male species. Due to societal expectations, this day meant to celebrate love, can quickly go south, due to the pressure of giving the perfect gift. Consequently, many men will spend hours on end walking up and down aisles, sweating over every small detail in a gift. This pressure often leads many of them to make the wrong gift choices.

The Best Gift Hampers for the Love of your Life

There are gift items that will put a sparkle in your loved one’s eyes, and then, there are items that will raise some eyebrows. To ensure that you only give the perfect gift, avoid cheesy gifts such as stuffed bears. Do not bring home those lazy dollar roses that you just picked up from the roadside stand. Besides, while it is cute and whimsical, Valentine’s Day is not one of the days that your neighbour’s daisies will put a smile on her face. It would be best if you had a real gift on Valentines’ Day. 

What about chocolates? Easy peasy right. Not! Chocolates are the perfect valentine day gift if you ensure that you only give gourmet gift baskets quality chocolates. You cannot go wrong with the Valentine Chocolate gift hamper from Gourmet Basket. Herein, she will find a delectable array of Australia’s finest handcrafted chocolates from Charlie’s, ZokoZoko Goddess, Byron Bay Cookie Company, and some Fudge by Rich Chocolate & Walnut.

You can alternatively buy her some wine. It would help if you were particularly careful when purchasing wines. The best wines for Valentine’s Dayare the crème de la crème of whites, reds, or bubbly depending on her taste. Order wine gift hampers with a delectable selection of wines that will make her feel special.

The Absolutely Smitten wine gift baskets, for instance, has an exquisite bottle of the famous Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut champagne. The hamper is filled to the brim with other thoughtful Valentine’s day gift items such as Caramelised White Chocolate from Cicada and Oliviero ‘Red’ Confetti Almonds. There are also herbal tea sachets from Pukka Love Tea and a Tin of the best Byron Bay Cookie Company Milk Choc Chunk Cookies.

One other life-saving rule of thumb for men is that you should avoid buying that Victoria’s Secret lingerie item that you consider hot. Why? Lingerie is a dangerous gift as best intentions can backfire in your face. First, you can easily buy the wrong size, colour, or lace pattern. Even if you are a lingerie buying genius and have all these aspects covered, your Valentine could still assume that you only have one thing in mind. That’s why opting for a gift hamper is an excellent choice for men wanting to wow their lover.

The ‘All You Need Is Love’wine gift hamper is a great gift, not only does it have a bottle of GH Mumm Cordon Rouge but a super soft and gorgeous bathrobe as well. This hamper has an Urban Rituelle ‘Love’ Neroli Blossom & Cardamom soy scented candle and Bath Brew Milk Bath products as well. There are also Chocolate Hearts from Lindsay & Edmunds.

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