5 Important Things to Consider When Coming Up with Gift Hamper Ideas

thinkbigonline February 1, 2017

Corporate gift hampers image by Gourmet Basket Australia

The Christmas holiday season has just ended, but that does not mean you cannot share gifts to people who are special to you. February is also fast approaching, and soon it would be time to exchange gifts once again, especially between couples and lovers.


In the corporate scene, gift giving is also an ideal way to keep everyone inspired and motivated to work. One of the more traditional yet special ways to give a present in such situations is through a hamper gift. From CEOs to regular employees, receiving gift baskets means you are recognised for your hard work. Unfortunately, there are people who do not have the time to come up with the actual contents of their hampers.


If you want to personalise your gift and give away unique hampers, here are some things you should consider:


  1. Overall theme – Decide on what theme you want for the basket. Is it all about food or something about the recipient’s favorite hobby? Whatever the case may be, the theme will be the anchor that will hold every item together.
  2. Lock in the budget – Allot your budget for that particular gift. Do not worry if your budget is limited.
  3. Plan its contents – List down the items that you want to include in the gift basket.
  4. Wrapping and extras – Make it more personal and use your own design.
  5. How to send the gift basket – Finally, think about how you are going to send it. Are you going to let a courier bring it, or you want to deliver it yourself.


Taking note of these things will help you come up with a unique hamper that the recipient will truly enjoy.


However, just in case you still do not have the time to think about these details, you may opt for a trusted business that can provide online gift delivery services. If you are in Australia one of the trusted businesses is Gourmet Basket.


As its name implies, this business does not only gather generic items and products that you commonly see in the grocery. These items are top notch to make sure that their online hampers are more than special. For the last 17 years, Gourmet Basket has served small, medium and large companies in the preparation of gift baskets.


If you are interested to know more about gift hamper ideas and tips, just call Gourmet Basket on (1300) 354 393, or email them at service@gourmetbasket.com.au.

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