Father’s Day Gift Baskets That Dad Will Love

Matthew August 27, 2018

Father’s Day is not far off so if you’re looking to find something special for Dad to show him how much you care, now is the time. Gift baskets for him are a great way to give a specially selected mix of gifts that fit Dad’s tastes and interests. He’ll be sure the appreciate the gesture and the gift itself, and you’re sure to enjoy watching Dad happily unpack the hamper and unpack his new gear. Here are our top picks for gift baskets that Dad is sure to love this Father’s Day.

1. For the Mixologist

If Dad is always behind the bar mixing up a new cocktail, why not hive him the gift of this Cocktail Essentials Gift Hamper? Inside he’ll find a Shaken and Stirred Essentials Cocktail Kit in copper, which includes a Parisian shaker, Japanese-style jigger, no-prong v-strainer, mixing glass, and flat end bar spoon—everything he’ll need to take his mixed drinks to the next level and try out some new concoctions as well. In addition, he’ll find 700mL of Absolut vodka and The Classic Cocktail Bible to jumpstart his newest cocktail creation.

If Dad is more of a newbie aspiring mixologist, consider the Famous Four Cocktail Set—this gift basket has just about everything Dad needs to make a perfect Martini, Negroni, Manhattan, and Old Fashioned. He’ll be a cocktail pro in no time.

2. For the Polished Dad

Is your dad notorious for always being the most fresh, clean, and well-groomed guy in the room? If that’s Dad in a nutshell then you should definitely treat him to this Well-Groomed Men’s Hamper and help him solidify his clean-cut reputation. He’ll get tubes of shaving cream and shave lotion, a shaving brush with stand, a fully-stocked shoe polish kit, and a canvas wash bag to store away all of his essentials for achieving that polished look he’s known for.

3. For the Beer & BBQ Dad

We all know that one Dad who is the king of the BBQ and whose beer is never far from him while he’s grilling. If that guy is your dad, this Beer & BBQ Lover Hamper is the perfect gift to put a smile on his face this Father’s Day. He’ll receive a cotton apron and oven glove set, four different ales to try out, kettle chips, wasabi peanuts, and beef jerky to snack on while he’s cooking, and a hot smoky sauce to try out at his next barbeque.

4. For a Dad That Needs some R&R

If Dad’s idea of unwinding is more along the lines of a hot bath and a glass of red, you might choose from many of the great wine gift hampers that are out there like this Pamper Him With Red Wine hamper. Dad will get a bottle of Urban Rituelle all-in-one wash and a microplush bathrobe so he can have a long soak to relieve some stress. He’ll also receive a bottle of Shiraz and a box of chocolate-covered almonds to bring the relaxation to the next level.

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