Christmas gifts for her

Matthew November 2, 2019

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words, and you can send some pretty powerful messages with gift baskets for her. Just keep in mind the holidays make most of us additionally sentimental, and presents are over-analysed under the best of circumstances, So before you put your name on that gift card, be clear about what you want to communicate. Is it erotic interest, romantic reassurance, extended passion, or cordial camaraderie? If you’re unsure, you could have a chat with Gourmet Baskets concierges. Tell us about your relationship with her, and we’ll make suggestions on how to wow her.

Few media interviews go by without asking how she manages her work and her family. Or if she’s unmarried or doesn’t have kids, they’ll ask how she juggles her job with her personal relationships. Give her a little break with our Donna Hay – Life in Balance gift hamper. She’ll probably need it during the holidays. She might shed her ‘boss hat’ to be a mother, sister, or daughter, but that’s frequently more hectic than managing her staff. Here, she has to play the role of girlfriend, wife, comforter, while ensuring everyone around her has a happy holiday.

For the Busy Boss

At the same time, she needs her own downtime so she can be at her best when she gets back to the office. This isn’t strictly a Christmas hamper, but it gives her lots of tools to survive (and thrive through) the holidays. The cookbook – Life in Balance – offers a mix of healthy meals and indulgent snacks that will elevate her holiday hosting. The hamper also has dipping bowls, white wine, and dark chocolate so she can pamper herself while she cooks. This is an ideal gift for your mother or sisters too, though maybe not for the wife.

You’ve probably made jokes about your girlfriend’s latest diet. Here’s a chance to redeem yourself and show what a supportive partner you can be. High on our list of gift hampers for her is our large Gluten-free hamper. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you could buy some gluten-free flour, look up a recipe online, and bake her some non-allergenic Christmas goodies. In the meantime, this gift basket makes a good interlocutor.

For the Fussy Eater

It has lots of safe snacks like fudge, pistachios, mixed olives, roasted peppers, quince paste, relish, and nougat. There are macadamia crunch honey and a taster pack with four jams. There’s also a watermelon-scented candle and lots of Allsorts tea to soothe those frazzled holiday nerves. If she’s the kind of girl that likes to cook her blues away, consider getting her a Maggie Beer hamper. It has 120 of the top TV chef’s recipes, plus sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, fudge, and a gift pack of cutesy little condiments.

The mini pack contains dressing options like tapenade, chilli mustard, and dill. The hamper also has a fig & walnut log for that taste of Christmas. You might want to flip through the book. As you sign it for her, peep at some of the recipe ingredients. If they’re unusual things she might not currently have in the kitchen, buy those items and add them to your gift basket. It’ll make an extra special impression, and is a cheeky clue of what you’d like for Christmas dinner. Just be sure she has the sense of humour to take the hint …

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