5 Reasons Why Wedding Gift Hampers Make the Ideal Wedding Present

Jale December 28, 2019
5 Reasons Why Wedding Gift Hampers Make the Ideal Wedding Present

It is always an honour to get a wedding invitation, but with it comes a slew of questions on how best to reciprocate. There are many uncertainties over wedding gift etiquette and expectations. How much should you spend? Do you have to buy from the registry? Can you give a gift with meaning rather than cash, in instances where the couple has requested monetary gifts only?

First, the gift registry is not an obligation but a suggestion. It is a guideline to help the couple’s friends and family purchase the most practical and useful gifts for the day. If you, however, want to gift them a different item, study the couple’s gift registry and gauge their needs, wants, or style and purchase a gift that matches these factors. Handing out cash can be a challenge for most people because it is difficult to determine the right amount to give. What may be little for one couple could be too much for the other.

 Therefore, if you do not want to give cash as a wedding gift, go ahead and purchase practical gifts such as wedding gift hampers, honeymoon registries or experiential gifts. Nonetheless, you should buy a gift that fits your budget and one that you are comfortable giving. This is why wedding gift hampers make the perfect gifts for the big day because they are full of practical gift ideas that are well priced. There are many reasons why a wedding gift hampers will make the ideal wedding present. Some include;

1. Convenience

You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to order a fantastic wine gift hamper for weddings. For instance, you can purchase the Crystal Veuve wine gift baskets from us online instead of wasting time going to a shop. This gift hamper has a bottle of bubbly from Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label paired with a beautiful set of Waterford Crystal flutes. You can order gift hampers any time of day-night or during travel. Online shops also allow you to browse through different products on one window, which saves a lot of time and energy.

2. Speed

Purchase wedding gift hampers online and skip the dreaded long shopping queues at payment corners. You can use online payment methods to pay for the wedding gift hampers, and they will be delivered to your doorstep.

3. Choice

With tons of choices, and options for customisation to ensure that you only give the lucky couple the best gift possible with Gourmet Baskets. For example, you can order the Vera Wang & Bollinger, Vera Wang & Bird in the Hand or Vera Wang & Moët & Chandon wine gift hampers to suit the tastes and preferences of the couple in champagnes. It is nearly impossible to find as many choice gift options in a brick and mortar store as you will find in an online store. 

4. Likeability

You can never go wrong with a wedding gift hamper because most of them contain fantastic gourmet food products that everyone likes.

5. Customisable

There are wedding gifts baskets designed to suit all tastes and preferences. Therefore, you can easily customise the products as you order and eliminate any that may not be acceptable for the couple.


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