Healthy Gift Hamper Ideas

Jale January 13, 2020
Raw Healthy Food Hamper

Gift baskets filled with yummy treats have become synonymous with the holiday season, and with good reason. Everybody loves them. Nevertheless, you can add a fresh and healthy twist to the festive season’s gift-giving spirit by ordering healthy gift hampers instead. Healthy products are all the rage right now, and they are perfect for dads, moms, coworkers, or friends. Everyone who receives a healthy gift hamper will appreciate the gift more because you are thinking about his or her well-being and happiness.

There are different types of healthy gift baskets out there to suit all kinds of likes and flavour preferences. There are heaps of gourmet health and wellness gift baskets with delicious and healthy delicacies to choose from. The snacks in these hampers meet dietary restrictions and can, therefore, be enjoyed by the fussiest of eaters. Below are some choice of healthy gift hampers for your loved ones.

Paleo gift hampers

Paleo Gift Hampers

The paleo diet closely mimics the cave dweller’s regime, and it includes Paleolithic era foods. A Paleo gift hamper is wellness-focused and often has nuts and seeds amongst other delightful and healthy items. This Paleo Hamper has natural bone broth concentrate from Meadow & Marrow and nut-based snacks from Naked Paleo and Kitz Living. It also has sunflower seed sprinkles from Pimp My Salad and some macrobiotic sea salt from Olsson’s. For the paleo with a sweet tooth, the hamper’s handmade chocolate from Pana Chocolates is heavenly.

Raw food gift hampers

Raw Healthy Food Hampers

Raw veganism, also known as raw foodism, has become a fashionable health lifestyle. A raw food gift hamper will have healthy and unprocessed food items. The Raw Food Hamper has healthy bone broth concentrate from Meadow & Marrow, some sweet natural citrus and almond bars from Naked Paleo and some refreshing CocoCoast coconut water. To ensure that your raw foodist’s sweet tooth is catered to, the hamper also has some organic handmade chocolate from Pana chocolate.

Healthy heartbeat hampers

Purify Health inspired tea hampers

Tea is the perfect heart-friendly beverage, and it is suitable for all seasons, whether served hot or cold. Give the tea lover in your life delectable teas as a change from the usual wine gift hampers. Tea is a flavourful way of getting antioxidants and healthy fluid into the body. It not only protects the heart but also boosts metabolism. The Purify Health Inspired Tea Hamper gift hamper has all the ingredients required for the perfect tea experience. It also has other products for mind, body, and soul wellness, including skin renewal products and detoxifying bath salts. 

Takeaway Message

Give the gift of a healthy and guilt-free hamper to your family and friends this year. It is a pleasant change from the sugary snacks and wine gift hampers. You can choose from one of these impressive gift hampers mentioned above, along with a wide variety of Gourmet Basket’s popular health and wellness baskets such as Dairy Free, Keto, Halal or diabetic hampers to name just a few. The recipent will surely appreciate this gift especially after over induging during the holiday period.

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