The Perfect Bundle for a Bundle of Joy!

Jale August 13, 2015

The best baby gift basket that one can ever come up with is the one loaded with things that would be useful for the baby sooner or later. Even though the parents would already be inundated with necessary things such as diapers, baby lotions, baby colognes and soaps, there won’t be an instance when the parents won’t need these things after the baby arrives.

It is preferred that one does not fill the baby basket with fancy things for it might be that the parents do not use them for the baby, like gold bracelets for a little baby girl or an expensive miniature suit for a baby boy. It would be best to prepare the basket with things of daily needs. It is better to first enlist all the things you plan to include in your baby basket and double check it before you start preparing the basket.

All you have to do is choose the right things and put them in an innovative array! No matter how daunting it may seem in the beginning, but you will definitely end up loving this task once you start your preparation. You’ll have your gift baskets for babies ready in no time!

Idea 1: You can start off by getting a typical gift basket to put all your gifts. Get bathroom accessories for the baby and beautifully put them in the basket you have bought. To make it more innovative you can try painting the basket and later decorate it by attaching pieces of coloured net and sprinkling glitter. You can try sticking pictures of different cartoon characters to the basket depending on the gender of the baby. If you can’t come up with a cartoon character you could make it simple by painting hearts and stars and colouring them blue or pink. You could even try putting stuffed toys to make the basket look livelier. Little stuffed bears or stuffed hearts etc. could do too!

Idea 2: The second best option is setting a gourmet basket for the little one. Yes! You heard that right! A gourmet basket. The main idea for the baby basket stays the same. The only difference is in the contents. Fill the basket with different feeder bottles, bottle cleaners and edible mixtures that a newborn can consume. Get new born pudding cans and add them to the basket. Try adding other things such as a plastic plate set, a training bottle, a set of bibs and a plastic trainer spoon set which the baby could later use once he/she grows up a bit.

Don’t forget to decorate the gourmet basket with pictures related to the theme. You could stick pictures of feeding bottles, candies, spoons, plates, wiping bibs etc. which all goes with the same theme. And you have the perfect gift baskets for babies ready to be gifted!

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