Wine Hampers That Are Perfect for Christmas Gifts

Matthew September 24, 2023
Wine Gift Hampers

The good book says that wine gladdens the heart, and we couldn’t agree more. The goodness of wine has given it such a high profile, that Greeks called it the “drink of the gods”, making wine hampers that are the perfect Christmas gifts. The Ancient Egyptians treasured their vino so much that they would bury some along with the dead ones for the afterlife.

Most cultures, past and present, celebrate wine, viewing it as the ideal present for joyous occasions for the perfect Christmas gifts. The gift of wine never goes out of style, is elegant and memorable. This Christmas, you cannot go wrong with wine gift baskets as surprise gifts for your friends, family, or colleagues. Below are some of the best wine gift hampers that make the perfect Christmas gifts.

Veuve Christmas Hamper

Here are a few things you might not know about Veuve Clicquot. First, this bubbly, the embodiment of “accessible luxury,” comes from a two-century-old champagne house. Second, a shipwrecked bottle of this fine wine that features in James Bond novels and Real Housewives series, sold for  €30,000, making it the most expensive bottle of bubbly ever sold!

The Veuve Clicquot Brut is synonymous with fine living and makes an impressive Christmas gift hampers. Besides the Veuve, this hamper also has some assorted art deco chocolates from Fardoulis and some Walkers Lane crunchy peanut brittle.

Luxury Christmas Hamper

The gift of wine does not only prove that you care deeply, but it is also the best possible gift for any occasion. During Christmas, wine makes for a proper accompaniment to the festive season’s laughter, entertainment, and feasts. The Luxury Christmas Hamper has three fantastic wines to match every festive season mood, food, or preference.

The St. Hugo Shiraz, for instance, is a spicy, fresh, and bright red wine from Barossa, which will go along well with poultry, beef, or lamb dishes. The Voyager Estate Sauvignon Blanc Semillon from Margaret River is lemon basil, passion fruit floral, and grassy notes white with a fresh, vibrant palate. It is perfect for light crustacean fare and fresh goat cheese.

There is also some Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut, one of the biggest champagne brands globally. It is hard to miss a bottle of Moet &Chandon in a grand celebration. Besides the French bubbly and the exquisite white and red wines, these wine gift hampers have other delectable goodies from Ogilvie and Co. Fine Foods, For the Love of Cheeses, Baylies, Nuova Cucina, and Gumnut.

Merry Christmas Hamper

A bottle of good wine is not only a perfect complement to a meal; it can also honour your loved’s heritage. Wines are also so elegant looking; they are mantelpiece in their own right. The Merry Christmas wine gift hampers have two classic Aussie wines, as well as some sweet tooth and savoury delights.

It has a Shiraz from Penola Estate and a Sauvignon Blanc from Evans & Tate, Margaret River. Besides the wines, there are other gourmet goodies from Puddings on the Ritz, Charlie’s, Ogilvie, and Co. Fine Foods and Rinaldi.

Should a business send its customers Christmas Hampers?

As the holiday season approaches, businesses seek meaningful ways to connect with their clients, and one popular choice is sending Christmas gifts. Christmas Corporate Hampers provide an ideal solution for companies looking to combine festive spirit with corporate goodwill. These carefully curated Corporate Christmas Hampers exude a sense of sophistication and holiday cheer, making them a memorable gesture for clients and partners alike. Whether it’s to express appreciation, strengthen relationships, or simply spread joy, gifting Christmas Hamper Corporate packages is a heartfelt way to make a lasting impression. Elevate your corporate gifting strategy this festive season with our exquisite Christmas Hampers, a thoughtful way to convey gratitude and warm wishes with the perfect Christmas gift.

To Sum Up

The Christmas wine gift baskets are exquisite, and the wines in them are show stoppers. Wines are gifts that will outlast the season and improve with age. Their recipient can enjoy them in their leisure or share them to spread the cheer. Order these wine gifts hampers at Gourmet Basket, and we will deliver them on time.

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