Top 4 Occasions You Can Give Away a Wine Hamper

thinkbigonline May 5, 2017


Celebrations and holidays are a part of human life, and whenever these events take place, people try their best to become happy and make the most out of them. Whatever the occasion may be, presents and gifts are always given away to celebrate and make the event happier.

One of the most popular presents in such life events is wine. In fact, some wine gifts are luxurious, pushing the recipient to be happy and celebrate more. What’s great about wine gift hampers is that the entire group will enjoy the gift. According to research, here are the top four occasions and life events where a wine gift is an ideal present:

  1. Weddings – Weddings are probably the most popular occasion where wine gifts are given. Ceremonies even have the traditional wine toasting. Giving wine to a newlywed couple is like saying, ‘Cheers! Celebrate! Enjoy your day!’
  2. Anniversaries – Whether these are company, romantic, or club anniversaries, these are always good reasons to celebrate. Most of the time, these occasions call for liquor drinking.
  3. Birthdays – If a person who is celebrating his birthday is a known liquor or wine lover, then your present should automatically include a wine basket. This will certainly put a smile on his face.
  4. Yuletide season – Christmas and New Year’s Eve are big occasions where family and friends often get together. Sharing a bottle of wine will definitely add flavor to any celebration.

As you can see, giving away wine gift baskets in these occasions would surely bring a smile to everyone’s faces. However, you have to make sure that you are getting quality liquors from a trusted supplier or shop. Unfortunately, such liquors are expensive, especially if you are going to get them separately.

Fortunately, there are online shops and stores that offer high quality liquors at affordable rates. One of these stores is Gourmet Basket. For almost 20 years, this Australian-based business has catered to hundreds of clients. It provides the best selections of wine gifts to their clients and customers. In addition, they also offer wine gift delivery.

If you are searching for a seller or store that will have your wine gifts delivered to the recipient right on the dot, then go to Gourmet Basket. Some of its biggest clients include Google, McDonald’s, and LinkedIn. Call (1300) 354 393 now, or email them at

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