Why are Melbourne Hampers better than Traditional Gift Wrappers?

thinkbigonline July 1, 2017


Do you still remember your childhood whenever you receive gifts on Christmas Day? If you are with your family, you would always compete with your siblings, cousins and friends claiming that the gift you receive was the best of all. But come to think of it, how does someone rate the gift he gets? It may have something to do with colour, size, presentation, but actually what matters are the items inside.


If you are someone who wants to take gift giving a notch higher, you probably need to let the old gift wrappers go. Yes, they work. Yes, you can recycle them if they don’t have marks on them. But the truth is, they are too conventional. If you want something new, you may try using gift baskets in Melbourne.


What makes hampers in Melbourne better than the simple gift wrapper? Here are a few reasons:

Reason #1


Gift hampers in Melbourne hide the shape and size of the actual gift. While the hamper does not really ‘hide’ gifts, especially those that are large enough to see, but you get the idea. When you get a gift basket, particularly the large ones, you’ll never know what you’ll pick inside.


Reason #2


Gift baskets can be used repeatedly, even on different occasions. This is where gift hampers are more practical than wrappers. Even months or years after the event, the basket can still be used on the table or as a decoration.


Reason #3


Hampers have a lot more uses aside from gift giving. As mentioned earlier, a gift basket’s life is longer. You can even use it to give another gift basket present.


As you can see, getting a hamper may seem costly at first, but its later uses would far outweigh its original intended purpose. In these situations, the recipient would surely be indebted to you that you did not give him the usual wrapped present, but something that can be used over and over again.


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