Gift Ideas for Dad This Christmas

Matthew October 9, 2018

“Dad, dad, dad… Why are you always so hard to buy for? I mean I could just gift you your old favourite, a bottle of scotch and a packet of shortbread but I’d really like to give you something a little more thoughtful this year. You’re a remarkable man and you always deserve remarkable things!”

Ever thought something similar to this? Dads are notoriously difficult to shop for come Christmas time, and we often revert to giving them their old favourites. But if you’re looking for some new ideas then check these out…

Expand his tech skills by giving Bitcoin

While giving the gift of money itself can be a bit tacky, giving the gift of Bitcoin is a very cool idea for dad for Christmas. Set up dad a Bitcoin wallet, deposit some Bitcoin into there and then, for Christmas, you can walk dad through the whole process of using and buying Bitcoin online. It’s sure to massively impress his friends when he proudly mentions that he knows how to Bitcoin now.

Gourmet gift hampers for more than scotch and shortbread

While the old scotch and shortbread combo is a tried and tested fave, you can expand a little on the idea and make scotch and shortbread the basis of a gourmet gift hamper for dad. Scotch and shortbread, then add chocolates, relishes, maybe some other snacks, some tea or coffee into the package? Our Christmas gift hampers are beautifully presented and can arrive on dad’s doorstep, even if you’re spending Christmas halfway across the world.

An experience instead: a hot air balloon ride

Has dad ever been up in a hot air balloon? Hey, have you? Why not give dad a gift and at the same time give yourself one too? A little bit of family bonding? A shared hot air balloon ride with dad could be a great way to spend time together and do something that will create memories that will last a lifetime, too. Hot air balloon rides are available in most capital cities, as well as some regional areas, too.

Something for him and mum (or his partner)

What about something that he can enjoy with mum or his partner, instead? The gift of some gold class movie tickets (when was the last time they went to the movies?), a wine tasting, or even just installing Netflix on their TV is something that they can both enjoy together. And isn’t Christmas about coming together, after all?

For gourmet gift hampers, our selection at Gourmet Basket is first class – you won’t find more anywhere else. Treat dad with some gourmet drinks and foods so he can indulge in the things that he loves over Christmas.

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