Festive Tips to Create the Ultimate Grazing Board

Real December 17, 2019
Festive Tips to Create the Ultimate Grazing Board

We are finally counting down to Christmas, and the rush to buy the perfect gift is underway. Besides the excitement brought on by enticing piles of presents underneath the Christmas tree, there is one more piece that makes the festive season great; excellent food. A fantastic Christmas feast will not only wow the socks out of your friends and family, but also make this festive season the best one they have ever had.

However, putting together a Christmas banquet that is fit for royalty, is easier said than done. It is a time-consuming task that can rob you of hours that could have been spent catching up with loved ones that you perhaps have not seen for an entire year. Nevertheless, it does not have to be that way. A grazing board is a simple way to save some time and dodge making multiple appetizers. Additionally, grazing boards look beautiful and are super easy to put together.

You also do not have to spend hefty amounts of money to create a lush grazing table. These delightful party solutions are customisable so you can be as creative and indulgent as you want by adding some gourmet items onto your grazing boards and pairing with wines. If you prefer an professional selection, you can easily order some wine gift hampers such as the Premium Cheese and Wine Hamper from Gourmet Baskets. These upscale and sophisticated wine gift baskets have the luscious Footbolt Shiraz from McLaren Vale expertly paired with cheese products from Bizzari Dolci and  Alpenhain. There are also vine dried muscatels from Port Willunga and some Barossa Bark Nigella to top it all off.

What Are Grazing Boards?

Grazing boards make for an impressive platter, filled with visually appealing and easy to nibble foods. As the name suggests, they are meant for grazing and offer a variety of delicacies such as crudités, cheese, charcuterie, dips, nuts and fruit. These boards can be created on everything from platters, tables, and counters. All you need to do is choose from a selection of food items, and then arranged on a surface. Grazing boards are a great way to start with when entertaining. They presented beautifully and offer guests a selection of crackers that overlap with dip bowls, cheese and charceturie.

How to Create the Ultimate Grazing Board


Write down all the ingredients you want on your grazing board, and ensure you choose an oversized board. Chop and prepare all the veggie in advance and preserve them in water to maintain their freshness. Choose fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables and try to add different colours such as grapes, passionfruit, sliced oranges, and some beetroot hummus to add to the overall look. Besides the great produce, you can add some gourmet and seasonal delicacies to make your platter both indulgent and unforgettable.

Cheese and crackers

Ensure you choose a good variety of cheese types and play with the arrangement so that some of them are left as a block and some can be cut into wedges. fill your board with heaps of flavours and textures. An ample quantity of breadsticks, crackers, and crispbreads. The grazing board will require delicious dips, olives and nuts which go well with cured meats and cheeses. Add some seasonal fruits for a pop of colour and will fill up the empty spaces on your board.

Presentation, presentation, presentation

Be creative and remember present ingredients in different ways to add appeal. Finally, don’t forget to spread ingredients around so everything is easily accessible to all of your guests. Bring out the wine bottles and all that is left to do is enjoy the festivities with the ultimate grazing board.


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