The Perfect Christmas Gift for Dad

Avatar Real November 7, 2019
Corporate Gift Hampers

If you want to gift your father something different this coming Christmas, you may have endless ideas or maybe none?

Finding a suitable present can be quite challenging, which is why we compiled a list of the best last-minute gifts that will show your father figure how much you value them.

Master BBQ Chef

If your father likes preparing barbeques, he will love the Master BBQ Chef. The Master Chef BBQ gift hamper ensures your father enjoys a delicious snack as he makes the barbeque.

This product features;

• a striped navy and white cotton glove and apron

• a 567g  Lillies Q hot, smoky barbeque sauce

• a 300g Gran Luchito fire-roasted red pepper salsa

• 200g La Tortilleria  Totopos tortilla chips

This present is packaged in a signature gift box finished with a ribbon and tissue and gift card on which you can write a lovely message.

Well Groomed Men’s Hamper

Grooming goes a long way in defining the character of a man. Help your father elevate his looks to new heights by buying him the Well-Groomed Men’s Hamper, which includes the following accessories;

• Gentleman’s Hardware shaving brush with stand

• 150ml Gentleman’s Hardware shaving cream

• 100ml Gentleman’s Hardware post-shave lotion

• Gentleman’s Hardware buff and shine she polish kit, packaged in a zipped canvas casing with one soft brush and one hard brush, as well as a black polish and a polishing cloth.

• A stylish canvas wash bag from Gentleman’s Hardware.

Similar to the Master Chef BBQ, this product is wrapped in a gift box with ribbons, tissue and a gift card. This makes the best Christmas gift hampers for him on this special day set aside to celebrate fathers.

International Beers Hamper

For the dad who loves beer, consider getting the International Beers Hamper. This comprehensive package includes;

• 330ml Heineken Lager

• 330ml Peroni Nastro Azzurro

• 330ml Corona Extra Lager Long Neck

• 375ml Stella Artois Lager

• 330ml Becks lager

• 50g Just Jerky Original beef jerky

• 100g Simon Johnson Wasabi peanuts

• 100g Port Willunga Fine Foods Local Spiced Roasted And Smoked Almonds

• 100g Port Willunga Fine Foods Roasted and Salted South Australian Pistachios

• 65g Red Rock Deli Special Reserve Wagyu Beef & Wasabi Cream Ultra Deluxe Potato Chips

• 65g Red Rock Deli Special Reserve Champagne Vinaigrette & Shallot Ultra Deluxe Potato Chips.

Whisky Connoisseur Hamper

If your dad is a whisky person, this is a perfect gift hamper for him. It comprises of the finest and rarest whiskies that most drinkers crave, yet they will probably never have. Even better, the whiskies are aged for 12 years or more and are sourced from the four corners of Scotland.

This gift hamper contains;

• 700ml Johnnie Walker Black Label 12-year-old whisky

• 101 Legendary Whiskies You’re Dying to Try But Possibly Never Will by Ian Buxton

• Two sets of Riedel Overture Whisky Glasses

Famous Four Cocktail Set

The Famous Four Cocktail Set is the ideal hamper if your dad likes cocktails. This gift includes;

• The famous four cocktails set from Everleigh Bottling Company, which consists of a 90,l Martini, an 85ml Negroni, a 90ml Manhattan, and an 80ml Old-fashioned cocktails.

• Shaken Essential Kit in Copper, which comprises a 15 ml or 30 ml Japanese style Jigger and a No Prong V Strainer.

Christmas is an occasion to show appreciation, for this reason, ensure that you get a gift to express your gratitude and love for your father or father-in-law.



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