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Matthew November 11, 2019
Ho Ho Ho Christmas Hamper

Aussie Christmas traditions differ slightly from our peers around the world. A big part of that is down to the weather. Our Decembers are bright and sunny, not white and snowy so that we can party on the beach and roast barbies by the pool. We still enjoy our Christmas delicacies though, so we’re all about eggnog and cranberry sauce. Our curated Gourmet Basket hampers take this into account, and we fill them with healthy helpings of chocolate, wine, and gingerbread, plus our local specialities.

Our collection of Christmas gift hampers has nearly fifty colourful choices, and the hamper you buy depends on your taste, and on your relationship with your recipient. One option that works for almost anyone in our Ho Ho Ho Christmas hamper. It has all the traditional Christmas goodies, include a mix of fruit, seeds, and crispbreads in cranberry and hazelnut. It will stand out because everyone else will probably bring generic rum cake.

Ho Ho Hampers

Of course, not everybody has a sweet tooth, so if your tastes lean more toward the salty, try our Savoury Christmas Delight hamper. It has the proprietary pack of Christmas pudding, but the bulk of the basket is dedicated to sensual spice. Start off with crispbread slices. Our preferred brand is For the Love of Cheese, and the crispbread is flavoured with hazelnut and cranberry. There’s a pack of pistachio nuts, though they’re tinged with vanilla for a touch of sweet. The hamper is topped off with olives and roasted peanuts.

The basket also has a fruit mince tart for your Christmas pudding, and honey nougat with macadamia. Add some exotic Kenyan coffee chocolate, a bottle of D’Arenberg Shiraz, and some red-and-white melting moments in homage to the colours of the season. If you shop early enough, you can give the Christmas basket a soft touch with Christmas stockings embroidered with your recipients’ names. Just be sure you’ve visited them in advance and confirmed that their red stocking supply needs replenishing.

Office party hype

It’s nice to play a little Secret Santa at work, but if you really want your team to enjoy their Christmas gift, include celebratory hampers in the end-year budget. Free food and booze are excellent, but you could also opt to give every department their own Office Share Christmas Hamper. It’s a sizable offering, so base your math on the size of your team. Boutique firms can buy one or two, while larger organisations may need up to a dozen.

We can personalise the gift baskets by branding them in your company colours and tag them with your office logo. Items in the gift basket include the bottles of wine – red, white, and sparkling – and an international mix of chocolate that covers Belgian Baylies, Kenyan coffee chocolate, Aussie melting moments, and dark Australian decadence. Other components are rocky road, shortbread, cranberry crispbread, nougat, mince tarts, and rum balls.

For Christmas hampers that will make everyone’s day, call Gourmet Basket today on 1300 354 393.

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