Christmas Gifts Ideas for Your Mother-in-law

Matthew November 9, 2019
Christmas Gift Baskets

Relationships with the in-laws can be tricky. It can be especially hard to appease your mum-in-law, so it’s a smart idea to butter her up with an excellent Christmas gift Hampers. Your selection has to be meticulous. A good choice would be the French Market Basket Hamper. Yes, it comes in a re-usable French Market Basket, so it scores points as a collectable. The gift basket is packed with honey, olive oil, muscatels, chai latte, melting moments, and a soothing chef’s candle.

Another good option is the Death by Chocolate Hamper, though you should probably check in with your spouse first. The last thing you want is to offer this creamy decadence to an in-law with diabetes, an aversion to sugar, or on a crash diet programme.

Once you have the go-ahead, you can present her with this sinfully delicious mix of fudge, cookies, rocky road, melting moments, white chocolate, and dark chocolate flavoured with orange, walnuts, mint, raspberry, salted caramel, and pistachio.

While asking for hints might be seen as cheating, it’s okay to get a general indication of your mother-in-law’s preferences. For example, you could find out whether she likes tea or coffee and get her a hamper in line with that. Here at Gourmet Baskets, we have multiple hampers for lovers of hot beverages.

Our Infuse Tea Hamper is likely to rub her the right way. In addition to various strains of tea, it contains a dainty glass tea flask and a stainless steel tea infuser. This type of gift earns extra brownie points because it keeps on giving every time she makes herself a cuppa.

As for coffee-loving spouses’ mums, try the Coffee Lover hamper, which is one of our favourite gourmet gift baskets. Coffee Lover contains chocolate coated coffee beans, fudge, melting moments, blended coffee, and a gorgeous coffee mug. Alternatively, the Barista gift basket comes with a barista collector’s guidebook that will turn her into an espresso expert.

Instead of giving her a stimulating caffeine kick, you could temper her gift with a Relax & Unwind Hamper. It would be hard for her to find fault with a beautifully packaged hand cream, calming candle, silken eye mask, and mixed marshmallows.

While the basket does contain 25 gourmet teas, it also has delicate glass teacups that even coffee lovers will appreciate. Besides, you can always replace the tea with a pack of her favourite coffee. You’ll probably get points for knowing her brand of choice.

For help impressing your mother-in-law this Christmas, call Gourmet Baskets today on 1300 354 393.

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