Christmas gift hampers for him

Matthew November 10, 2019
Gift Hampers for Him

We hear a lot about the modern woman – capable, confident, career-oriented. She’s stronger and more expressive than her mother and grandmothers because she has a lot more opportunity to pursue her dreams. It doesn’t matter whether those dreams are to settle down and raise a family or to be the CEO at a top company, or both. The modern woman is blessed with choice in a way her forebears were not.

What we don’t hear a lot about is the modern man. As women get stronger, men have space to be … softer. That means they get to be pampered too, and as the Christmas shoppers in their lives, here’s our chance to indulge them. After all, the same society that demands women strive to ‘have it all’ can prevent men from exposing their need for acknowledgement, acceptance, or gift hampers for him, loaded with more than ties and socks.

Of course, this doesn’t mean men aren’t men anymore. A lot of guys still love stereotypical pass-times, likes sports, barbeque, and beer. But they also want to be spoiled by their loved ones. And there’s no better time to spoil ‘your man’ than during Christmas, whether ‘the man’ is your boss, your brother, or your favourite bartender. So, what are some good places to start? Our Gourmet Baskets gift concierges have some helpful suggestions.

For the love of a tipple

If you must buy socks, buy them with whisky. Our Highlands Whisky and Socks hamper has a taster pack with three mini Scottish whiskies from Loch Lomond. They’re all single malts of different ages – fresh white, 12 red, and 18 blue. The pack also includes pressed whisky tumblers and dapper dotted cottons from Sir Sock. Monogrammed whisky stones make a good finisher. They’re not stocked at Gourmet Baskets, but they’re fairly easy to find.

For your favourite chef

A lot of guys like to cook, and it’s not just to impress the ladies. But even if he doesn’t know how to handle his flambé, you can still support his bbq-ing habit this Christmas. Try our Master BBQ Chef hamper. It has mitts and an apron he’ll never wear (until you tell him how hot he looks in them, then he’ll don them even when he isn’t cooking!) It also has BBQ sauce and hot salsa, plus some tortilla chips to nibble while he works. This hamper makes an excellent accompaniment to that Weber you’re thinking of buying him this Christmas … but even on its own, it’ll give him more excuses to step into the kitchen.

For your bearded bro

Our modern guy spends as much time on his beard (and moustache?) as his lady spends on her hairdo. So if you can afford a renovation with twin sinks, go for it. If not, these gift baskets for him are a good space to placate. Our Well Groomed Men’s Hamper is ideal for the guy who likes to coiffe at home. It has a shaving stand, shaving brush, shaving cream, and post-shave lotion, so it works both for the baby-faced brother and the goatee-toting dude. The hamper also has a shoe-shine kit with a soft brush, hard brush, shine-cloth, and shoe polish in black and neutral, all encased in a stylish canvas bag. As a personal touch, you could add a bottle of his favourite beard lotion to keep it moist, supple, and shiny.

To find the perfectly curated gift for him, call Gourmet Baskets today on 1300 354 393.

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