Chocolate hampers that are great as Christmas gifts

Matthew November 2, 2019

Do you have a chocolate-lover in your life? You may notice they have a different brand for each occasion. If they’re the type of person that needs a daily cocoa fix, they probably have a preferential bar they can afford, and they always have one or two in their pocket, desk, or handbag. Then, for special occasions like birthdays, valentines, or anniversaries, to celebrate their personal triumphs, or to cheer themselves up after a bad day, they might splurge on something more luxurious, like Swiss or Belgian variants.

If you observe them carefully enough, you may even notice them going wild over a particular name brand. But they never actually buy it for themselves, because they can’t justify the extravagance. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to make their day by getting them a gift you know they’d never buy for themselves – a luxurious chocolate hamper. Here are some samples of chocolate gift hampers available at Gourmet Basket.

Paint their town red

To make their present extra Christmassy, go for our Chocolates and Red hamper. It’s built around a bottle of D’Arenberg Shiraz red wine. Chocolatier contributes a mixed box of dark and milk chocolate. The basket has salted caramel melting moments, Zokoko dark chocolate, hand-made fudge, and rocky road. For a more intense experience, kill them with the kindness of our Death by Chocolate hamper. It doesn’t have wine, but it has all the above.

Its selection of Zokoko dark chocolate comes in mint and orange flavours. There’s white chocolate bark in pistachio and raspberry flavours, fudge biscuits, regular fudge, melting moments in salted caramel, and chocolate chunk cookies. We close off the basket with milk chocolate and rocky road. All our gift hampers have a complimentary gift card attached. You might want something smaller, like our Chocolate Bliss Hamper, which has the same items but in smaller portions.

Give the ultimate Christmas

Our Ultimate Sweet Tooth hamper is designed to give your recipient unmatched chocolate explosions. For a little more than $200, you can indulge every aspect of their cocoaddiction. The basket is loaded with the usual Zokoko bars and melting moments, but we’ve added Zokoko drinking chocolate as well, the perfect Christmas morning beverage. It has lots of fudge and chocolate biscuits, as well as a variety of chocolate covered nuts and fruit (strawberries, almonds, mint macadamia). We’ve enriched the hamper with liquorice.

An even simpler option goes light on chocolate, but it animates your recipient with a bubbling bottle of Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc. It’s the wine that gives these chocolate gift hampers their name – Sauvignon Blanc and Sweet Hamper. It goes with divine caramel fudge, melting moments in raspberry and white chocolate, and a pure indulgence chocolatier gift box. Packaging is part of the wow factor in any swag bag, so we wrap ours in tissue, tie them off with ribbons, and place them in premium boxes, woven baskets, or crates.

For chocolate hampers that will make your chocaholic’s day, call Gourmet Basket on 1300 354 393.

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