4 Things Baby Gift Baskets Should Contain

thinkbigonline April 23, 2017

Welcoming a new baby in a family is something that is worth celebrating. If one of your friends, family or colleagues is welcoming a new baby, then it’s worthwhile choosing baby gifts that would put a smile on their faces.


Providing new baby gifts is a difficult task, mainly because you are not giving the gift to the child, but to the parents who would use it for their baby. In relation to this, your gifts should be useful enough for them.


If you are having a difficult time thinking about what items to include in new baby gift baskets, here are four basic things:


  1. Milk products – If the recipient is a newborn baby, then he’ll be able to enjoy these products after a few months. However, for babies over one year old, milk products are a must. When choosing milk items, make sure that they are safe, proven and has passed quality standards.
  2. Baby clothes – Everyone likes baby clothes. They are cute, tiny and easy to wash. Before you get baby clothes, you should first confirm whether the baby is a boy or a girl. There are usually set clothing in stores, where the colours of each piece match with each other.
  3. Toys – Toys are also a staple gift option for babies and kids in general. However, there are certain factors you should remember when choosing toys for babies. First, they should not be small enough to be swallowed; second, they should not contain any harmful chemicals and substances. Third, the toy should be durable and made of high quality to that the child can enjoy it longer.
  4. Personal hygiene items – Parents, especially mothers, gladly receive these hygiene items to they don’t have to buy on their own. These products include diapers, soap, shampoos, baby wash, powder, etc.


These are all basic items that you can put into your baby hampers to put a smile on the parents’ faces. Just in case you cannot find time to individually shop for these items, there are service providers that are willing to put them all together for you.


Gourmet Basket is among those businesses which offer various types of baby basket gifts tailored specially for your needs. Whatever you want to include in the baby gift hampers, Gourmet Basket can take care of business. For more information, call their office on 1800 1300 354 393, or email them at service@gourmetbasket.com.au.

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