The Perfect Care Hampers for Your Loved Ones

Jale April 20, 2020
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Humans are by their nature, social animals, and seclusion can produce many adverse effects in their minds and bodies. The ongoing COVID-19 epidemic is, therefore, not only wreaking havoc on the physical health of the infected and affected but their psychological and emotional health as well. You can do more for your loved ones, beyond calls and face time moments like sending them a care hamper to lighten their mood.

By offering a care gift hamper, you will send them positive vibes and adhere to zero contact measures at the same time. All that you need is to make your order online, and the beautifully packaged hampers will be delivered to them in a jiffy. Below are some tips on choosing the perfect care hampers for the people that you love.

Need a Hug care hampers

The ongoing pandemic has divided family members whose presence in each other’s lives meant so much. Grandparents can no longer have visits with the grandchildren that they adore. Video chats may be of great help, but sometimes all that they need is a hug to make them feel much better. In the absence of a physical hug, you can send them a Need a Hug care basket that will make them feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

This care hamper’s showstopper is the Jersey Grey hot water bottle from Star & Rose. The super soft and handmade gift item will give your loved ones a big hug on your behalf and keep them warm as well. They will also receive an elegant semi-matte glaze white Hug Me Mug from Robert Gordon for the perfect warming cuppa.

Some Tagalong Peach Ginger Twist tea sachets and fruit nectar from Santa Vittoria complement the mug designed to cup perfectly in their hands.

Rest & Recover Home Hampers

While there has never been a magic cure for the flu and colds, comforting advice from grandma can work a lot of magic. Homemade remedies for flu and colds such as garlic and chicken soup may not be backed by science, but we all know that they do make us feel much better. With the Rest & Recover Home Hampers on your side, you do not need to send a pot of soup or a bunch of garlic to your loved ones in isolation. This hamper has some of the best home remedies for flu in it.

As an illustration, it has some full-flavoured Maggie Beer Chicken Stock made from herbs, vegetables, and free-range chicken bones and meat. This low salt stock has a delicious and genuine chicken flavour and has zero enhancers and preservatives. They will also receive15 flavoured effervescent tablets from Berocca Performance.

Berocca Performance tablets have minerals and vitamins that improve moods and enhance mental performance. They also increase physical stamina and alertness. The Rest & Recover Home Hamper has other items such as Byron Bay Cookies, Harney & Sons teas, and a Jersey grey hot water bottle. If you have a loved infected by the virus who is in self-quarantine or isolation at home, and they have a special occasion coming up, care gift hampers from Gourmet Basket are all you need. Contact us, and we will help you put a smile on their faces.

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