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Gourmet Basket April 8, 2019

The birth of a new baby is always an amazing opportunity to express your friendship. Unfortunately, you are torn between getting a gift for the mother, father or baby. You often have to visit a number of stores before you can get something for everyone. Most people settle on getting a gift for the baby because it is a lot easier and the baby doesn’t mind if the clothes you picked fit or not.

Baby Gift ideas

You may think it’s easy to buy a gift for a newborn baby until you walk into the store and notice that all the good stuff is either pink or blue and you forgot to ask if the baby is a boy or girl. Here are a few smart gift ideas that you cannot go wrong with:

  • Different size diapers: Diapers are among the most common gifts new parents receive. Unfortunately, most people only bring the smallest size, which the baby will outgrow in no time. If you get diapers for a wider range of ages, the parents will be grateful to you for months on end.
  • Baby photo album: It is easy for the early years to fly past leaving the baby’s parents with only memories of late nights and diaper disasters. A baby photo album will remind them to take capture and store happy moments as a lifelong treasure.
  • Baby Carrier Sling: this is a perfect gift idea as it has benefits for both the parents and the baby allowing them to free their hands for other activity while their baby takes in the sights.

Gift Hampers

To help you overcome the challenge of putting together appropriate gifts for your friends and family, gift hamper services have come up with themed gift hampers. Gift hampers are a collection of gift items that complement each other to form an all-in-one gift.

Many baby gift hampers now contain something for the parents as well as their new bundle of joy. Some gift hampers even come with amazing discounts, and it would often cost more to buy each item individually.

The Mum and Bub Treats is a perfectly balanced hamper to appreciate the mother and welcome the new baby. It consists of a Jellycat Bashful Bunny and Wildwood kids hexagon teether for the baby and the Italian Sensi Prosecco Pure 18k Gold bubbly and a 40g box of Chocolatier chocolate for the mother.

The Cheeky Monkey – Red is a gift hamper that is well suited for both boys and girls. This hamper contains the Alimrose Designs Musical Monkey and back fastening bib as well as red stripe squeaker. It also comes with a 40g box of Chocolatier deliciously indulgent milk and dark chocolate assortment for the new mother.

Gift hampers that combine items for both the baby and parents are great because they save you the time and energy you would spend sourcing them separately. Buying the perfect gift can be a real challenge with our current fast-paced lifestyles.

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