Jewish New Year Hampers

Jale September 3, 2020
Jewish New Year Hampers

Months are flying by so fast, and soon greetings of Shanah Tovah will fill the air as the Rosh Hashanah celebrations kick off in September. The Jewish New Year holiday gives you the perfect opportunity to send to your Jewish friends, relatives, or office mates the best Jewish New Year gift hampers. The perfect gift items for any occasion should make them feel special.

While flowers are often a safe bet, the best Rosh Hashanah gift hampers should blend with the holiday’s food symbolism theme. Honey and fruits such as apples have a special significance in this Jewish feast. Couple the best gourmet food items with fantastic wine gift hampers and show your Jewish friends some love. Below are five of the best Rosh Hashanah gift hampers in the market.

The best Rosh Hashanah gift hamper for Jewish friends

There is no better way to wish your Jewish friends a sweet and good year than with a Rosh Hashanah Hamper with Kosher Red wine gift basket. It is chockfull of the best fruit, sweets, and honey items that blend perfectly with the Jewish New Year celebrations. Your friends will receive some Australian Fresh, dried apples, and the finest silky handcrafted honey and nuts nougat from Rinaldi confectionery. 

Accompanying the indulgent melt in your mouth are some 100% raw nuts crunch honey from  Maya Sunny Honey. You cannot have too much honey for Rosh Hashanah, so this hamper has some Stradbroke Island Organic Honey straws. The wine gift hamper’s pièce de résistance is a kosher spicy dark fruit with hints of chocolate from Margaret River.

The best Rosh Hashanah gift hamper for Jewish parents

Your parents, on the other hand, will love the Rosh Hashanah Family Celebration with Kosher Red or the Rosh Hashanah Family Celebration with Kosher White wine gift baskets. The hamper has two of Margaret River’s best kosher wines, the Five Stones Kosher Cabernet Merlot and Autumn Harvest. The Autumn Harvest is fresh citrus and tropical wine with a smooth finish while the Cabernet Merlot is a red fruit with plush tannins and mind undertones. 

Bring either of these two hampers to the holiday dinners to complement the Gefilte fish dish on the table. Your parents will also receive some honey products Stradbroke Island Organic Honey and honeyed nuts confectionery from Rinaldi. There are also kosher honey caramelised almonds and pecan crunch biscuits.

The best Rosh Hashanah corporate hampers gift hampers

It is customary for businesses to wish their Jewish corporate acquaintances a sweet new year with kosher gift hampers filled with sweets, fruit, and honey gourmet food items. The Sweet Wishes with Kosher White, Sweet Wishes with Kosher Red, and Sweet Wishes with Bubblesare perfect for this occasion.

Two of these hampers feature a kosher Five Stones Autumn Harvest or Cabernet Merlot from Margaret River. The bubbly hamper has South Australia’sTrilogy Cuvée Brut. All three hampers have some luscious 100% golden honey Maya Sunny honey layered with the crunchiest of Macadamia nuts. There are also dried Australian apples in them. 

Rosh Hashanah is one of the holiest Jewish holidays, commemorating the creation of man. It is a two-day long celebration, which prioritizes the sharing of sweet foods, signifying good wishes for a new year filled with potential and hope. Appreciate those that you care for with fantastic gift hampers from Gourmet Basket. Simply order them online, and Gourmet Basket will deliver them to their doorstep.Shanah Tovah!

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