Easter Ideas for Your Clients

Gourmet Basket February 19, 2019

Even though it seems like we only just had Christmas, we all know what that means. If you haven’t seen the hot cross buns and chocolate eggs in the supermarkets just yet – well then it’s probably because you haven’t been paying much attention to what’s going on around you! It’s almost Easter! Well, not quite but it’s fast approaching. Easter is one of those holidays that it’s nice to celebrate, whether you’re religious or not. Everybody likes coming together to share excellent food and good times with family and friends. A nice way to make your clients’ Easter even more special is to send them an Easter based gift basket.

Now, most of the time these gift baskets will have a very chocolate based theme. In fact, many people choose just to do Easter baskets that are chocolate Easter eggs only. However, to stand out, adding in gourmet elements to your clients Easter gift basket is a very clever idea.

At Gourmet Baskets we make sure that we source premium, quality products, so you know that you’re getting items that everyone will love. We stock premium brands like Chocolatier so that every bit just melts in your mouth.

Not all of our Easter gift baskets are just chocolate, either. We’ve also put together packs with delicious drops of red or white wine, or a bottle of bubbles for that festive feel. If you know that your clients have children, then some of our packs come with cute little soft toys that they can snuggle up to – Easter bunny anyone?

If you’re checking out our Easter collection and thinking to yourself, “Gee, there’s just nothing in here that I really like that much to give to my clients”, then you can always choose from our traditional gift basket ranges instead. Maybe you’ll like to give your clients pamper packs so that they can relax over the holidays, or maybe you’d like to choose a cheeseboard hamper (because who doesn’t love cheese?). We have plenty of options to choose from and if you feel like it isn’t ‘Eastery’ enough then remember there is always the gift card to go along with it that can include your special little Easter greeting from your business.

Don’t forget to treat your clients over Easter. We are the go-to provider of gourmet gift baskets in Australia, which arrive on time with the best quality fillings. Make sure to browse our catalogue to see what your clients will enjoy.

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