Easter Gift Basket Ideas for Your Flatmates

Jale January 31, 2020

There’s something special about giving gifts at Easter, as there’s no great expectation to spend money as there might be for a birthday or on Christmas Day. It’s a genuine, thoughtful and unexpected gesture that can make someone’s day. So why not surprise your flatmates with a unique Easter gift hamper that they will always remember? We’ve put together a few ideas that are bound to make them smile!

Chocolate Gift Hampers

Easter is, traditionally, all about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The original Easter egg is a symbolic representation of new life and Christ’s rebirth. Over time, it has become acceptable to exchange chocolate versions of these eggs, which has been welcomed with open arms by all! Embrace the true meaning of Easter this year by giving your flatmate a delicious chocolate Easter Egg basket, either with a statement chocolate egg or dozens of mini ones! You can decorate the basket with different types of chocolate – maybe even a hot chocolate drinking set with marshmallows for a super chocolatey touch!

Take a Break Tea Hamper

You know what? Since it’s Easter, I think it’s time to take a little break! Help your flatmate to unwind for a weekend of chill time with this fun tea hamper set – because nothing says relaxation like a good cuppa on the sofa! This hamper features an assortment of 25 gourmet teas, thermos glass teacups, a quirky glass teapot, loose tea leaves, and a variety of delectable chocolate bites and melting moments to accompany.

Red, red wine

Red wine plays a great significance in the Bible, as it represents the blood of Jesus Christ. Whether or not your flatmate is religious, a Red Wine Gift Basket keeps in line the original meaning of Easter. It’s also the perfect choice if they are a bit of a wine connoisseur! Choose a bottle of their favourite red wine, or pick something new for them to try! Pair it with an indulgent bar of dark chocolate or cheese and crackers to accompany it, and you’ve got yourself one of the finest gourmet gift baskets around!

Keep it traditional

If you like the idea of continuing the true meaning of Easter, then why not get creative with your flatmate this year by gifting them an egg painting set? This is the perfect gift for any flatmate who enjoys arts and crafts, and it will provide a fun activity for you both over the Easter weekend! Once you’ve finished painting your egg, find a hill and roll them down for the ultimate Easter egg race! You could always throw in a few chocolate eggs in the gift basket for good measure too…

Feeling inspired

We hope these gift hamper ideas have inspired you to give a thoughtful gift to your flatmate this Easter, whether they’re a chocoholic, a red wine connoisseur or a true believer in the meaning of Easter, there’s something for everyone!

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