Christmas Hampers for the Wine Lover

Jale September 23, 2023
Wine Gift Hampers

From Barossa to Bordeaux, wine is, hands down, one of the best ways to kick off a celebration. Wine awakens the spirit of curiosity, opening up an adventurous landscape to exploratory wine drinkers. In that space, any wine lover can taste different types of wines. This helps one to figure out what their preferences are.

Exploring different types of wine can help build a passion for wine discovery, appreciation, and collection. A gift of the best wine gift hampers can send your friends, family, or colleagues at work on their unique wine journey, which might influence their lives in the very best of ways as wine lovers. Below are some of the best wine hampers that will make the perfect Christmas gifts.

Wine Lover

The Wine Lover hamper has unique gifts that will excite your wine-loving friends or family at Christmas. It has a bottle of one of Australia’s best Cabernet Sauvignon from the Barossa region. This wine, also referred to as the ‘King of Red Wine,’ is like steak in a glass. It is a luxurious, decadent, and velvety tannin wine. This makes it a perfect accompaniment to juicy premium cuts of red meat.

The Barossa valley wineries are home to some of the world’s oldest Cabernet Sauvignon vines after their European counterparts fell to the Phylloxera in the 19th century. Australian Cabernet is excellent yet affordable, and one glass of the Pepperjack Cabernet Sauvignon Barossa is never enough once the bottle is open.

This red wine has blueberry and bright red fruit flavours and is usually aged for a year in American and French oak barrels. Besides the exquisite wine, the Wine Lover wine gift baskets also have two wine glasses and a wine aerator from VinOair. The wine aerator is elegant, serves the perfect pour, aerating the wine for better flavour while eliminating messy drips.

Executive Wine Duo

Wines are not just about exploration, but hedonism as well. So many drinks go well with food and make people high, but wine is special. It is not only an alcoholic drink. Wines are the culmination of humanity’s endless pursuit of quality, flavour, and pleasure. Unlike most other beverages, wine has a unique charm, that makes wine-drinking an experience. 

The Executive Wine Duo gift hamper can give your friends and family a real wine event this festive season. It has a bottle of Margaret River’s famous Pierro Chardonnay, an incredibly complex white wine with a combination of pristine fruit, fine-boned acid, and lees flavours.

There is also a Barossa Valley, Henschke Keyneton Euphorium, a deep crimson red with blackberry, blackcurrant, and cassis notes. The Executive Wine Duo has other gourmet goodies from Chocolatier.

Premium Wine Trio Hamper

There are times that a wine can be disappointing to its drinker. The taint of the bottle’s cork, its light or heat conditions, can affect the wine’s final taste. Wines are fragile and so to love wine is to be forgiving as well. Fortunately, with the Premium Wine Trio hamper, you do not have to fret over taste preferences.

These wine gift baskets have two premium wines and a bottle of champagne. The wines are Penfolds Bin 138 Shiraz Grenache Mata and Scarborough  Chardonnay while the champagne is Moet &Chandon Imperial Brut.

On A Final Note

You cannot go wrong with wine gift hampers this Christmas. Order the best wine gift baskets from Gourmet Basket today and give your loved ones an authentic wine experience.

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