When It Comes to Corporate Gift Wrapping, Is Company Branding Important?

Gourmet Basket August 16, 2019

Corporate gifting is one of the best marketing strategies available – yet, it’s widely underutilised. There’s great power in company branding, particularly when it’s packaged up in a personalised way. Making a lasting impression on clients and business partners is one way to keep your company ahead of its competitors, and is a great way to boost brand awareness and establish long-term relationships.

The benefits of company branding on corporate gifts

Corporate gift wrapping is not only a great way to show clients and colleagues you appreciate them, but it’s also a good strategy for maintaining long-term success. Great corporate gifts make clients feel that you care for them and that you value their business. This is important for the success of your company because all business relies on its customers. If your clients feel valued, they are more likely to stick with you as well as generate more leads and clientele through positive referrals.

Along with happy customers and clients, company branding on corporate gifts also gives you:

Enhanced brand recognition

Putting time and thought into company branding and packaging can have a huge payoff to your business’ success. When you think of all the top brands in the world, each of them have a successful branding strategy. For example, Tiffany & Co.’s little blue box or the crisp clean lines of the Apple logo.

Branding helps people recognize your company and develop an impression. Good corporate branding and packaging can help to build brand recognition and use personalised gifts to reinforce your brand and message.

Brand loyalty and awareness

Corporate gifts with company branding are a proven strategy to secure repeat business and customer referrals, as well as to build trust and loyalty with clients. In fact, studies have shown that 79% of customers reported they were more likely to do business with the same company after receiving a gift.

Our own studies have proven that 100% of corporate customers surveyed reported that sending gifts had made a positive impact on their business.

Corporate gifting with company branding not only tells a story about your brand, but also enhances the relationship they have with the recipient. If a client receives a memorable gift, not only will they recall your brand and become more likely to remain loyal to your company, but they also are more likely to refer your company to others. Keeping up customer loyalty is one of the best ways to make repeat sales, which is more viable than making new ones.

Improved relationships

Giving company branded gifts keeps the lines of communication open between the gift giver and receiver. In business, this is incredibly important. It can be used as a way to ‘keep in touch’ with long-term clients, to form new relationships with business partners, or to improve existing relationships between clients or colleagues. When giving a corporate gift, you can choose to include a personalised message or note which provides an added element of communication and sincerity.

How Gourmet Basket can help your company branding

Gourmet Basket’s Corporate Gift Concierge are experts in the field of ‘giftology’ and provide Australia’s largest gourmet gift range. You can take advantage of the benefits of corporate gift-giving by including your own custom branding that is unmistakably yours. We can help your company branding by offering:

  • Custom branded gift bags and hampers. With over 200 hampers to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect gift for your client or business colleagues. Our hampers come filled with award-winning produce from the best local artisan suppliers. To boost brand awareness, each hamper can come customised with a box band presenting your own unique message, images, and logos.
  • Promotional items. You can include any form of branded promotional item in your corporate gift box. From personalised pens or mugs, to journals and apparel – wow your clients with stylishly presented promo items within your own branded gift box.
  • Corporate ribbons. Your company logo can be printed in either gold or silver foil onto a luxurious double-sided satin ribbon to add an extra level of style and sophistication to your corporate gift.

Corporate gift cards. Gift cards are a great way to promote your business and keep it profitable in the long run. Creating a custom gift card for your business helps to attract new customers and retain loyal customers, and is an easy way to help your company branding. When choosing a corporate gift, we can include a gift card with your own company logo and branding, as well as a personalised message.

Add your company’s personal touch

Help improve the branding of your company by letting our Corporate Gift Consultant help put together your own unique branding and packaging. Visit our corporate gifting website today and deliver a unique corporate gift hamper to show you care.


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