Corporate Gift Baskets for Clients and Employees

Jale August 13, 2015
Corporate Gift Baskets for Clients and Employees

Giving corporate gift baskets

If you are looking for a great gift item for clients or employees as a gesture of appreciation for all that they’ve contributed in your business or profession, you certainly can’t go wrong with corporate gift baskets. Such gift baskets can be given to business clients, employees or work colleagues as a form of recognition which in turn boosts morale. Not to mention that corporate gift hampers also make great holiday gifts and promotional items for your business.

Indeed nothing beats corporate gifts when it comes to conveying thanks to clients, employees and even some of your valued customers! It’s a hit especially during business occasions or simply to celebrate the holidays. Corporate gourmet gift baskets are an exceptionally popular gift item during Christmas Thanksgiving. Whether you are trying to extend your appreciation to loyal clients or give out corporate gift baskets to hard working employees as a thoughtful incentive, it’s certainly something that its recipients will appreciate!

Looking for ideas in putting up the perfect corporate gourmet gift baskets?

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Check out some ideas for corporate gourmet gift baskets that will certainly do well in showing your appreciation to your clients, employees, partners, work colleagues, etc:
Gourmet baskets make the perfect and popular choice in corporate gift items and present a simple yet thoughtful way of expressing thanks and recognition. Such baskets can be filled with a selection of food items, wine and other tasty treat. You can opt for a mixture of food items or stick with a single food category. Below are some gourmet corporate gifts baskets that you might want to consider:
Fruit gift baskets – seriously, when it comes to gift baskets you can never go wrong with fruits! Fruit gift baskets are a delicious and wonderful treat especially for health conscious recipients. If you know for a fact that the person that you intend to give your gift basket to a health-conscious individual, then fruit gift baskets are surely something that they will appreciate plus it’s a perfect gift item for any occasion.
Wine gift baskets – you can never go wrong with a good wine and a couple of food items that perfectly go with it such as chocolates, crackers and cheese spreads. You can also pack some accessories into the basket such as wine glasses and corkscrews donning your corporate or business logo which makes great promotional items and gives recipients something to remember you by. It’s a popular corporate gift option for men but something that a lot of women can appreciate as well.
Candy and Chocolate gift baskets – who doesn’t like chocolates and candies? Chocolate and candy corporate gift baskets are a sweet and thoughtful way of showing your appreciation to loyal clients and staff. You can opt for a selection of dark chocolates, milk chocolates, cocoa or plain candies, mints, gums and many more paired with a bottle of wine or two.
Coffee corporate gift baskets – makes an excellent corporate gift item especially for coffee lovers and employees that often work long hours. A special coffee blend and a small caffeine fix ought to do the trick! You can opt for ground coffee or any select premium blends like caramel cream, hazel nuts and Columbian blend. Throw in a couple of mugs for a great keepsake.
Culinary gift baskets – a great corporate gift option for delighting recipients with a taste of culinary adventure from some other part of the world. You can for example, opt for Italian corporate gift baskets containing several main courses which are perfect for people that appreciate fine food items.


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