Birthday Gift Hampers for Your Co-Workers

Matthew November 20, 2017

Office birthdays are an excuse for a coffee break and some communal cake. In many workplaces, there’s a tradition of sharing some quick sweets and drinks to celebrate a co-worker. It’s probably handled by the HR Department, since it’s best placed to remember everyone’s details, including dates of birth and anniversaries.

Sometimes, colleagues pool funds and buy a present for the birthday girl or birthday boy. Other times, you might choose a personal gift, especially if you are friendly with your colleague. Either way, you probably spend 8 or more hours a day with this person, so you know a bit about their likes and dislikes.

Birthday gift hampers don’t have to be expensive, but it does help if they’re personalised. The gift means much more if it’s something they like. How well you know your colleague largely depends on the culture of your workplace.

If you are chatty with each other and spend time together outside the office, chances are you have a detailed profile of who they are. But even if you have a cordial, loose association, you’ll pick up basic cues. For example, you might know if they drink alcohol or not, whether they prefer tea or coffee, or if they’d pick cheese over chocolate.

These bits of trivia are crucial because the items mentioned above are popular choices for gift hampers. A social drinker would appreciate something with wine or beer in it, depending on their preferences. If you’re not sure which one to pick, go with Champagne Trio gift hamper, since everybody loves champagne, and it’s a great way to toast a birthday.

Another shortcut is to pick wine and champagne gift hampers for female colleagues and a beer hamper for male colleagues. It’s a stereotypical choice, but can be helpful when you don’t know their specific drink of choice. If you choose to go the wine route, select the Cheese and Wine Duo. It has both red and white wine, which resolves that question. On the other hand, if you know your colleague has a sweet tooth, get the Premium Red & White Delight with its wide selection of nuts and chocolate. It all comes packed in a beautiful basket that can be repurposed as a keepsake.

Colleagues often have lunch together, so you should know if the birthday girl or birthday boy has any allergies or dietary conditions. The Gluten Free hamper is suitable for anyone who has issues with wheat and white flour. Non-drinkers can either get Tea Time Hamper or the Coffee Lover hamper, based on their hot beverage of choice.

All our gift hampers come packaged in a gorgeous black box, wrapped in tissue, and tied with a ribbon. We also include a gift card where you can write a special message. Top it off with a lunch or dinner treat and your colleague will have a memorable birthday surprise.

To get a meaningful birthday gift, or a present for any other occasion, call Gourmet Basket today on 1300 354 393.

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