4 Common Mistakes When Choosing Corporate Gift Hampers

thinkbigonline February 1, 2017

Gift hamper ideas image by Gourmet Basket Australia

Even in a workplace setting, it is always nice that you get along well with your colleagues. This does not only make everyone friendly around each other, but also makes the job and tasks easier. Workmates who are also friends tend to function and work together better compared to someone you barely know or you don’t like.


So what makes good and lasting friendships? One way is to give them corporate gift baskets. Giving away office gift baskets can help you start a new friendship with a colleague.


However, there are a few common mistakes that you should avoid if you want this to actually work:


  1. Giving very specific corporate hampers – Even if you want special corporate gift basket ideas, giving away a very specific gift may rub the recipient the wrong way. Give him or her something to use, wear or eat/drink.
  2. Forgetting to include your name – This is a surprisingly very common mistake that people make whenever they give away presents to a colleague. Make sure the recipient can identify you so he or she can personally thank you for the gift.
  3. Giving a gift without any occasion – No matter how much you want to give something, it should be at the right occasion. If there is something to celebrate, then a small gift or token will do.
  4. Choosing a low quality present – If you are going to give a gift, make sure it is of good quality materials. You don’t want to be remembered as the colleague who gave a damaged or low quality present.


These are mistakes you have to avoid if you want to win a new friend in the workplace. Giving away corporate gifts is already a staple tradition in most companies and businesses, especially during the Christmas season. However, even if it’s not always the festive season, there are always other occasions to celebrate and be thankful for.


If you are looking for unique corporate gift baskets that you can give in your workplace, you better check out Gourmet Basket. For the past 17 years, this local business has served small, medium and large-scale businesses in providing corporate gift hampers to their employees and executives.


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