Birthday Gift Baskets — Never Miss a Birthday Again!

Jale August 13, 2015

Stuck for a birthday present for one of your loved ones this year? Left it to the last minute? Trying to think of the gift for the person who has everything? A gift basket is not only a fail safe gift idea, but can be as versatile as the person you’re buying it for! Here are 3 reasons you should make a gift basket the next birthday present you give:

Luxury Beats Practicality

Practical gifts are what our mothers get us–I once received a pair of button-up plain blue very ;modest pajamas for a Christmas present based on my Mother’s assumption that my saucy nightie ‘might make me feel awkward in front of company’. Needless to say, they weren’t my favourite gift that year, because as we all know, the best kind of gifts are the indulgent ones, the ones we wouldn’t buy for ourselves because they’re luxurious and nice but we don’t really need them. This is why a gift basket is the perfect birthday present to get someone. They can be customised to the tastes of the person receiving them but the important thing is that they’re filled with sumptuous delights–gourmet food, pamper packs, aromatherapy candles and massage oils–basically, all the ingredients needed for a pure bliss.

Good food makes us happy

Have you ever felt a bit low or stressed and as a result needed an emergency bar of chocolate more than life itself? This is not just your inner glutton rearing its head–studies have shown that eating foods we find delicious releases dopamine in our brains–the same chemical that’s released when we’re in love! One type of gift basket available is the gourmet food basket–packed full of boutique jams, cheeses, spreads and biscuits, it’s got a delectable delight for every taste. This means that your gift of delicious treats will actually be two gifts in one–the food–and the happiness it creates! Everyone wants to be happy on their birthday and moreover, it’s a time to truly indulge yourself–what better way than with the thoughtful and scrumptious care package of gourmet food that was sent by a caring friend (that’s you!).

Send it at Short Notice

Everyone’s gotten that phone call at least once…you know the one, you’re swamped at work, you’re on a deadline, and your Mum’s on the other end of the line just calling to remind you that it’s Dad’s birthday tomorrow, and she assumes your card’s in the mail…

Oh dear. That searing flash of panic you feel can be neatly avoided by a few clicks of a mouse–gift basket companies operate Australia wide and can usually ship out the stock on the same day, which means Daddy-o is none the wiser (and pretty chuffed, probably) the next day when a great big birthday gift basket lands on his doorstep!

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