Birthday Gift Baskets Ideas for Your Housemate

Matthew December 20, 2017

What do you buy for the person who’s already got the greatest gift in the world (that’s the gift of you, of course)! Don’t worry we are here to help with your pressie purchasing predicament. Your housemate or flatmate is someone who you want to impress and maybe even impart a gift to them that might get shared around the house… hint hint.

Luckily we’ve got a range of gift baskets that are sure to leave them tickled pink and maybe even have some leftover goodies for you. Gourmet Basket has you covered – as always.

Cookie and Chocolates Galore Hamper

This best selling hamper is a real treat for the housemate who’s always getting stuck into the sweets. It’s a feast and a half, filled with all the best of the best when it comes to chocolates and cookies. This includes items like milk chocolate rocky road, macadamias obsessions mint, salted caramel mini melting moment, dark chocolate with orange, rich chocolate and walnut fudge, fig and pecan cookies, milk choc chunk cookies, and so much more. Surely they can’t eat all that by themselves. They’re definitely going to need your help with that lot!

Premium Wine and Cheese Hamper

Are you and your housemate the types who are always doing wine and cheese? Maybe wine and cheese on the couch on a Sunday afternoon, wine and cheese brunch in the park, wine and cheese after dinner during the week or out at bar or fromagerie? Then this is going to be the absolute perfect gift basket to gift to them – and they’ll probably get a kick out of seeing it rock up on the doorstep too. This pack contains a shiraz, brie, peppery cheddars, lavosh, olives, sticky fig and more. Just perfect for diving into at any old time.

Baileys Irish Cream Hamper

If it’s more of just a little tipple that your housemate enjoys every now and again, then there is no going past the delicious creaminess of Baileys. A perennial fave with old and young alike, Baileys is like having a delicious alcoholic ice cream at any time. Served over ice, it makes a delightful treat, or it can be mixed with various other liqueurs for an out of this world dessert drink treat. Our Baileys Irish Cream Hamper comes with a bottle of Baileys and an assortment of milk and dark chocolates for a killer pairing.

We have these three hampers and so many more available – no matter where your housemate’s tastes or interests lie. Have a browse around, pick a winner, and then write them up the perfect card to pair with it to celebrate their birthday! With Gourmet Basket gifts you simply can’t go wrong.

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